218 4th Ave
Woonsocket, RI 02895-4076

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The Landlord for 218 fourth ave yes the house did have bedbug that was bought in by the second floor tenant/s who was always bring used clothes and furniture in from the street. I had ask them not to do this because of the germs that the item my have but they insist on keep bring thing in once they bought it to me attention they had bedbug.I said them,this why I ask you not to bring junk in from the street.SO NOW ITS THE LANDLORDS FAULT THEY GOT BEDBUGS ANYWAY TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT I did p

ay 2 pest control company to come out spay for THERE bedbugs.is funnys since they moved OUT so did the bedbug???

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I lived at this address which is a three family house I was on the second floor and it was infested and I had absolutly no idea until around June of 2010 when it got real hot the were so bad that they were in all the walls. The landlord had refused to take care of this problem until I called the city to report him. When an exterminator did finally come out he found the the whole building was infested and had been for sometime. He said that there was no way that the landlord didn't know consideri

ng he was living on the first floor.

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