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Montreal, QC H3H

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My apartment got sprayed a few months ago, since my neighbour(s) apparently had a bed bug problem. When I asked the landlord which apartment was the source, he refused to tell me! Before my apartment was sprayed, I had no sightings of bed bugs, and no bites, etc. I seemed to be bed bug free. 6 months after the spraying, I spotted a bed bug in my apartment. I killed it, and there were no bed bug sightings for another 2 weeks. Then, I started getting bites while asleep (mosquito-type bites). I che

cked my mattress and there is nothing on it. I have not found a single bed bug since I started getting the bites a few days ago. I reported a bed bug problem to my landlord, and she told me they'd get someone to come inspect it for me, and then spray it if a problem was found. I said I had evidence that there was at least one bed bug. She said she believed me. Anyhow, this was yesterday, and she told me to come see me in 2 days for more details about when they would come to inspect my apartment.

The management has been slow to respond to these requests. Apparently, this has also been the case on the 18th floor of the building. They have also rented out apartments that were infested with bed bugs, without informing the new tenants that this was the case. Someone from the 18th floor was going around getting other tenants to sign a petition against the management.

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