1645 Boulevard De Maisonneuve O
Montreal, QC H3H

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I got bites in October. The company took around one month to clean that!!!

My friends and I moved out this TERRIBLE building last month when I still have one more free month left. You CANNOT find one apartment WITHOUT bedbugs in this building. They are EVERYWHERE! We found bedbugs in the first week we moved in, and my neighbor moved out the next month because the staff can NEVER fix the problem with excuses. DONT move into this building EVER!

For over 4 weeks now I have been getting bites all over my body at night but I doubted they were bed bugs because I spend at least 6 hours a day outdoors (parks/mountain etc) and so thought it was more likely to be from my direct contact with grass etc. This morning though, I found an actual bed bug, I killed it, kept its body as proof and took pics/videos of it and of the bites on my body. I have repeatedly complained about the number of times I find cockroaches in my apartment and the landlo

rd did bring exterminators twice but the problem is still there, and now I have bed bugs; this is just great! I have tried reaching the landlord several times but he hasn't come into work yet and its already 1pm.. Can anybody tell me what to do? Should I move out?

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OCT 2010
FEB 2011
APRIL 2011

I found bites on my body and reported it to my landlord, who did nothing. I eventually caught one and showed it to him.. he then took about a week to call the exterminator, who then took a few days after that to come see the apt. It was the same thing for all 3 times. It turned out that the apt below me had a massive infestation and the landlord refused to pay for the extermination/investigation for the apt below as required by law. I eventually moved out.

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