2250 Rue Guy
Montréal, QC H3H

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Bugs began to appear around April, 2015 and we reported the problem to the janitor in early May.
We were given a so called "instruction manual" to prepare and clean our apartment for the Pest Control to come. We did everything according to this manual. However, when the Pest Control paid their first visit to our APT, they said they can not do the cleaning because our preparation is not good enough! The

y said they would come a second time and then they left. Later that day after the Pest Control left, we were informed by the janitor if we want them to come back we have to pay $500 by ourself since it's "our fault" that we were not well prepared. Furthermore, the janitor threatened us if we refuse to let them do the cleaning, some regulations in the contract would punish us if the bugs spread. We were very angry about that but nothing we can do. We accepted. But first, I mean, we are not bug expert and we even never knew what bed bug was before. So how is this our fault that we didn't prepare well? We don't even know to what extent we should prepare. As a janitor, I think, he should take the responsibility to make sure we were ready or not. Furthermore, if there would be a second time charge for this, why we were not informed ahead? Everything is so unprofessional and chaotic. I guess that's the reason why the rent here is cheaper than the buildings around. Highly recommend those who are looking for APT in this building: DO NOT LIVE HERE!

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I am currently living in this building and I also saw bedbugs in my apt. It took the administration 2 weeks to set an arrangement for extermination.
I knew for a fact that the whole building has had bed bugs but they refused to take care of this efficiently. That is why it is going from one apt to another

Montreal September 2011

I live at 2250 Guy and I have a bedbug problem. I have found
three of them already crawling on my bed. The administration
told me that I have to pay for an exterminator which I did. In the past he came again but nothing happened since I need him again. I'm very scared and depressed. The person at the office accused me that I brought them in. I don't know what to do. Does anyone knows if I cdn break my lease?

i am living this apt. now, i found begbug also. It's terrible!!

This is the 2nd time in a year that this building (2250 Guy) has been sprayed for bed bugs and they are still present.

Back in February 2008 one of my neighbors from the 7th floor said he had bedbugs. I didnt make much of it as I live above the 25th floor, but I knew if the building didnt do much they would spread. During summer 2008 I realized I had them in my apartment and the management sprayed it but did not give any notice to any other tenants. So i realized that the problem must have been plaguing the building for a long time untill it got to me and I was never warned. The management should have sprayed al

l apartments right away but they did not. Anyways, after I had my apt sprayed in august the bedbugs returned in October and at that point a heard A LOT of apartments in the building were infested. My apartment was sprayed again but no warnings were given to any other neighbors again. It was only after I complained with the company that administrates the building - and threatening spreading the word that the building was ruined - that they decided to warn all apartments that the building was going through an infestation. Sincer October 2008 I havent had it in my apartment but I CONSTANTLY see plenty of furniture, mattresses, couches being thrown away on the back of the building INFESTED with bugs. Now that I have terminated my lease and will be moving away from here, the landlord, "conveniently" decided to do a preventive spray of my apartment, just so he can rent it again(March 2009). I fell sorry for whoever comes to live here. It is a huge building with very high turnover of tenants and with a huge problem of bedbugs!!!!!

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