1650 Avenue Lincoln
Montréal, QC H3H
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i moved to this building last year, so far so good, few weeks ago i started to see bites on my arms, thought it was mosquitos bites, after that i start to see insects in my bed, didnt know what they are, turned to be bed bugs, i informed the nice lady in the office, after 2 weeks they send the exterminators, nothing happened, just waiting for them again, its Fu.., hell, especially with the nice lady in the reception, who was blaming me for that, very awful building with very bad management

Stay away from this building!

I cannot believe there are still people complaining about this awful building. How come the management still have not had rid of this problem? :S I reported it back in July 2008 and I had to leave this place. So please, to the obvious landlord who is posting messages saying the place is fine, please stop it!!!!!!! I am a real tenant who suffered this nightmare and I am not making this story up for fun Ap.1018

We have had bedbugs at this location for a year. The treatments were done in a non-systematic way and sporadically. Moreover, treatments were refused, so we are moving out, probably carrying the bedbugs with us. (We will have to pay for preventive treatment at the new location.) Not only that, we have had roaches for a long time and no treatment has eradicated them. Anybody else interested in taking this issue to La Regie du Logement? I would love to hear from the other people who complained on

this site. Thank you.

[email protected]

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Horrible, disgusting building. I was there for 8 months, first came the cockroaches, sometimes I'd come home and turn on the lights in the kitchen and there'd be 2-3 running around on the counters... One morning I woke up and found one on the living room wall. I called the landlady to complain, she sent someone (a week later!), they sprayed some stuff around, but the roaches came back 2 weeks later.
Then 2 months later, BED BUGS. I was horrified, I took my clothes and some personal stuff and le

ft the building to never go back.
Please stay away.

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From honest person for people who new in Montreal or they never hear about bed bugs.
I have been living in this building around 2 years it was moct bas expiriance ever in my life with this building, bed bugs that the most real problems in the world now they bite you any time they hidin eveywhere somtime over a year you didnt see them but when they bite from tiem to time you may think that miskido and they graw insite your apartment insite the walls evrywhere.
i had over 100 nightmare in this b

uilding many night when I am in my computer i just feel hurt in my legs when i look fast i see this cute bed bugs suck up my blood and after it bite you it look faty not slim as usaly anymore faty full of blood in her stomack + walk very slow when i kill them i see my blood in teh floor many many night it caust me problems now i move to other apartment and when i feel somthing in my feel right away i think its bed bugs and when i look nothing there my new apartment that i move to it have no bed bugs at all never seen one but after i live incoln and had this nightmare anything u feel in ur body u just scare if its bed bugs or no i cant get out of this easly now 6 month and iam still scare from that i wana see doctor to help me tale this feeling out and i may charge the building about what problem gave me.
i hope i sent you the msg i fyou never see them and you live there no worry i was like you one time they will come all in same time and you deal with them evryday and it will eb out of control after you will understand what the problem i have now even after i move to new apartment i dream in them somtime evrynight i sleep in my bed i scare somthing there even if i never see them in my new apartment but i cant get out if this problem as i said mybe doctor can help me.
thx lincoln thx for the poor managment in this building not helpfull at all i hope the bed bugs bit evrywhere as they did to me.

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I have stayed in that building for more than 1 year. Thanks God no bed bugs yet, but I have seen at least twice people bitten and washing everything in the laundry room. Plus once there was a mattress with several bedbugs left in the lobby, presumably left there to warn other people what mess is in that building. My problem, however, has been cockroaches, which are everywhere in the building anyway. Mostly in the hallways, around elevators and in the staircases. I have been finding a cockroach a

lmost every second day during the summer. I managed to solve it myself, because the administration of this building is horrible and you cannot expect any action that is helpful. I hope to move out in the spring. Also, the laundry machines take money and do not work. I reported it several times, but they don't care too much. My average price for doing laundry is $1 more than it should be. I want to move out ASAP, unfortunately many buildings in that area seem to managed similarly :(

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I am OFFICIALLY moved out of 1650 lincoln and all i can say is GOOD RIDDANCE.

what a complete and utter joke that place was. Cockroaches galore in the entire building. I had to deal with the anxiety of living with those disgusting bugs for 7 months and for the first time in a long time i slept PERFECTLY in my new beautiful apartment.

I cant even begin to explain the HORRIBLE experience i had there and how Yanara made it much worse rather than better. I love how they give out a letter at t

he end when you move out stating that on the contract i signed, it says to keep everything in tact and clean everything up. I almost would have loved to say "oh i don't remember signing a contract to live with a roommate (cockroaches)"
honestly if you are a clean person who likes to live in a clean nice apartment NEVER move in to 1650 lincoln. i was fooled when i first moved in from the nice rennovated look and I kept my apartment unit clean as ever, took out the trash every night, did the dishes every night, everything i could to keep the suckers out, the building is just infested with cockroaches. I worried of begbugs but never got them THANK GOD.

Anyways i will stop rambling but i feel like a kid in a candy store getting out of that building, Much relief and no more stress.

If i can offer advice to any average student/person out there.
Do yourselves a favor and don't ever move in

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To the person below me:
Do yourself a favour and don't be so oblivious. I've personally seen cockroaches roaming around in the laundry room and by the elevators so this building has bug issues non-the less.

I moved in just about a year ago. Bugs have been ONE of the issues i've had within this building not to mention many others but out of respect i will keep those to myself and simply speak of the issues at hand of the bugs.

I moved in Nov 1st 2009, had an unwelcoming surprise of a cockr

oaches running around on my walls. I had never seen/heard of a cockroach in montreal so i grabbed it and killed it not caring/knowing what it was. A few days later i found another cockroach running around, then another. after about 3 live ones i brought it down to mrs.Y at the front office. She HERSELF said "Is it a bedbug" at first. This was the first time in my entire life i had ever heard the word "bedbug" then she said "oh no its a cockroach"

This freaked me out, especially at the fact that she was so casual about the matter.

Weeks later a girl across the hall from me who just moved in came knocking on my door asking me about bedbugs and if i felt i had them. Yet again i was freaked out about hearing of these bedbugs.

Overall, i dont believe i've had any issues with bedbugs because there has been no visible signs and i've never actually found one ALIVE, other than one dead one by my bathroom (which i freaked about) but haven't had any issues to date so i'm hoping it was a stray.

Anyways i've been dealing with cockroaches since the day i moved in. Not to the point of infestation, but defenitily an issue within my unit. The reason i came on here today was because i just found one crawling on the wall in my room, i caught it and AM FED UP!!!! i am debating if its even worth my time bringing it down and getting my place sprayed for the 5th time now. SO DISGUSTED

In fairness, they have been diligent to come spray every time i've brought down a cockroach to show. but on the other hand the last time most recent time i asked to be sprayed (when i found the stray dead bedbug by my bathroom about 3 weeks-1mnth ago) she sent an exterminator up FOR COCKROACHES???? even on the sheet she sent to my apartment telling me how to prepare for them to spray, which i did, then the guys who came to spray WERENT EVEN GONNA SPRAY MY ROOM UNTIL I ASKED THEM, they said they were coming for cockroaches and not bedbugs! ridiculous! and even though they sprayed for cockroaches, it clearly did NOTHING!

Anyways sorry for this extremely long explanation but i just needed to express my extreme frustration with 1650 lincoln and the disgusting bug issue within the building. i will NEVER in my life ever live in this building or recommend it to anyone ever. I am moving out in exactly 2 or 3 weeks. Already starting to slowly move my stuff over with the most thorough cleaning i can personally do, so i hope to leave all the bugs and memories of this horrible building behind!!!!

Don't ever move in!

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I live in this building and I am fed-up of people who do not live in the building telling me that that the building i live in is infested with bed bugs. IT IS NOT THE CASE ! the building in general is well kept and the Landlord attends to repairs within a reasonable time delay ( about a day or two). Look there are problems with any building but I can tell you that this place is decent. Take a look for yourself.

I have been living here for 2 years, and I have had minor insect problems all along. When I first moved in, there were small roaches; the apartment was treated, but the roaches returned a few months later. I am a neat & tidy person and all my furnishings are new, but I've gone through this cycle a few times. Then in January 2010, I started noticing a new type of insect -- bedbugs. The apartment has gone through three treatments since then, and although it appears the bedbugs are finally gone,

the small roaches are now starting to return (July 2010). I am moving out at the end of the month -- I have seen some pretty buggy mattresses in the garbage out back, and I am worried it is only a matter of time before the bedbugs return. In fairness, the staff has been quick to try & deal with this problem, but there's nothing I can do to control the pests in other apartments (and with all the cracks & holes & carpeting throughout the building, I don't see how this problem will go away). I was frustrated by the landlady's initial surprise when I told her about the bedbugs (back in January) -- she acted as if I had brought them in, when it is clear this has been a problem in here for a long time. It is hard to concentrate on your studies when you are trying to eliminate pests.

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i have lived in thid building for 8 years and have never seen any bed bugs. i have a very clean apartment and have no such problems. i dont understand people who blame others for problems which are probably caused by themselves. If you buy a used matress chances are you will have bedbugs. Bed bugs are imported into the apartments from other people who do not take the proper precautions to ensure that the objects they collect and bring into the building are bug free. As i have said I have no such

problem because my apartment is spotless.

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same shit with me, i have new furnuture and first time i saw the bed bugs i dont know what the hell is that thin bugs brown and big as hell.
i thought ut may from my new furnutshing or mybe wood bug, i check online to see what the hell is that bit me evry couple days and found them at my bed new clean bed, i notice that shit call bed bugs i bought this shit to spreay them online around 45 with ship from us it didnt help yeah you kil 10 20 30 but the whole fuck buildign have them there is hole e

verywhere they can come by the heating by any hole this fucking people when they do reven they leave alot hole in back of oven or in ur bathroom check and see what iam talking about.
and not just that i see regular bug evry day i kill untill now over 1000 one every niught morning i kil some bugs have fun at my kitchen clean kitchen i sprak over 20 time almost i dead from the smell nothing work i close all hole still u can find them alot hole in this building the renvenue or when they do somthing they leave hole hidin evrywhere.
not just that the shit at loundry we have like 10 wash machine and like 10 dry machine and only 2 work corectly every time i put money i lost them machien not working or it work after i see all my clothing still not wash that shit happen to me many many time i complian no one lesten they know they cant do anything they dont wana pay 1$ for this building nothing gona change i hope i can leave as soon as posible i wana see if i broke my contract how much that would cast me.
fuck this shit

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Started about three months ago in my apartment, on the 7th floor. I got over 20 bites in one night. I asked the landlord to send an exterminator. First exterminator she sent told me that there are no visible signs of bedbugs in my apartment. I washed all my clothes and sprayed the whole apartment on my expense but this did not help. They started biting again within several days. In three months my apartment had been professionally sprayed 3 times. Finally they disappeared several weeks ago howev

er I am pretty sure they are hiding somewhere since the whole building is contaminated. I am going to move out as soon as I can!! (January 2010)


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The whole building is infested with bed bugs


I've had two bedbug outbreaks at this apartment building in the last two years. The first I had to take care of myself, management was uncooperative (June 2008). My upstairs neighbour had the same problem. I sprayed every surface, sealed and threw out bedding and a mattress. What I read suggested moving to a new apartment wouldn't help since I would probably carry the eggs in my belongings anyway. The second incident took place in February 2009. I had a severe allergic reaction whic

h caused my left eye to swell shut. Again, management brushed off my complaint but, they did call in an exterminator. The exterminator was helpful, went through my mattress, sprayed my apartment. He said he has a contract with this building to do checks twice a month so just to let him know if he needed to spray again. The manager still refused to believe that it was bedbugs. I caught five dead ones where the exterminator had sprayed and carried them down to her in a ziplock bag. Her response was to poke them with her finger-nail and say knowingly, "These couldn't have bit you because they're not engorged with blood and the exterminator didn't find anything in your bed". (!)

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It was a nightmare living in this building!... Only 2 days and I got bites even in my ears. I had to see a doctor and paid $310 for an extermination company because building management are so cheap and did not want to recognize the entire building is infested!.

The whole building is infested with bed bugs. The landlord refuses to use services of professional exterminators.

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