Rue Durocher
Montréal, QC H2X

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A correction to the 2nd report about the previous owner:
He actually denied there were any cockroaches when the new owner asked him regarding this issue. The new owner was about to take him to court for this, but he gave up because he doesn't want to go through the long drag legal process even though his partner really wants do so.

I used to live right cross the street, 7017 Durocher. As far as I know, this building changed owner in Summer in 2009. The previous owners had moved to Vancouver before they sold it, therefore, they barely took care of it. Unlike the previous owners, the new landlord is totally different and keeps good relationship with his tenants. He maintains the property very well and responds to the calls and solve problems reported by tenants in time. There were cockroaches during the previous landlord, bu

t he never denied when the new one had asked about this issue before he made the offer. Having found out this problem from the tenants after he took over, he took action to solve this problem. He hired exterminator to spread, of course, using chemicals. What else can work?
The bedbugs occurred were brought in the building by one of the then tenants. I don't know if it was the one who walks around telling people story about the building, but I do know there was one tenant who had very bad reputation with all other tenants and ended up being thrown out by the landlord even though he owes several months rent, which the landlord never has it collected. Same as the issue of cockroaches, the landlord hired exterminator to spread, and there is neither cockroaches nor bedbugs.
There was a period when bedbugs and cockroaches became big issues in Toronto and New York from news. My personal opinion about this is, like it was said in the news, bedbugs don't come from nowhere. They have to be brought in by people from outside. You cannot blame the landlord for this. Instead of blaming his tenant who had brought bugs to the building, He spent money to solve problems caused by his tenants. What more do you want?

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7018 Durocher street is infested, I talked of this with my neighbours

Bedbugs where in our building since a long time (2009 at least), the owner never tells the new tenants (typical pattern).

The owner tried to solve the problem many times but until 2010, the results were not there. Apparently, some tenants’ don’t want the owner to use chemicals to kill them.

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