Avenue De L'esplanade
Montréal, QC H2W

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The name is Habitations de l'esplanade. I rented the place for september and after a few days my hole body was covered of bug bites. The lady called the exterminator and was so friendly with him. (obvs not the first time) I saw a few of them but I couldnt look under the mattress. They just rent the place for a month and its not refundable. Please be careful

Just moved into a room in one of the houses along Esplanade. Before sleeping last night (first night here) I found 10 or more bugs in my fresh bedding over the course of several hours, a live bug under the mattress, and a dead older bug. I stopped looking at a certain point as it was overwhelming. The mattress was left by the last person who lived in the room. The people I'm renting from have been notified and are responsive.

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