4534 Rue Clark
Montreal, QC H2T

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The report is about apartment #9. I booked an airbnb stay at this address for December 7-15, 2014. The listing was named "vegan heaven in the plateau".

I checked in and everything seemed very nice. The next day, I noticed several itchy red bites. I thought maybe it was mosquitoes ... Or maybe bedbugs. That night I got back to the apartment so late, I was too tired to check for bedbugs. But that night I woke up scratching, and the next morning I had a total of 30 distinct bites.

I looked

between the mattress and the bed frame and didn't see any bugs, although I did see some dark spotty stains. I crawled partway under the bed frame and used my phone flashlight to look around -- until I saw a live bedbug, looking exactly like all the gross bedbug pictures online. I nudged it with my phone so I got to see it from another angle, and once I was sure I scrambled back out of there.

I came straight from my home so I'm sure I didn't pick up the bedbugs from elsewhere. I imagine they got there from a previous airbnb tenant. I've found a new hotel and I'm now trying to figure out how I can disinfectant all my belongings.

To his credit, the host refunded my entire reservation, and he was horrified to hear he has bedbugs. I hope he can eradicate the infestation.

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