4010 Avenue De Châteaubriand
Montreal, QC H2L

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The bed bugs have never disapear.. the manager of this building do one appartement and after a moment the other one is infected... Jasmine lee do not what she's supposed to do to fix the problem...

Sorry for my bad english...

Les punaises de lit son toujours d'actualité dans ce bâtiment. Le manager na jamais régler le problème au contraire elle aggrave la situation en désinfectant seulement qu'un appartement a la fois une fois de temps en temps. De plus les meuble qu"elle lo

ue avec l'appartement son ramasser dans les vidanges propageant ainsi l'infection a travers le bâtiment.

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Bedbugs disappeared from the building with the address 4008 - 4010 Avenue De Châteaubriand Montréal, QC. All rooms and beds have been treated, a few times, with a strong insecticide for about a half year period.

Big infestation with bed bugs 4010 Avenue De Chateaubriand, Montreal QC, Canada, H2L 4B2

At the end of spring 2009 I moved in one of the rooms of the building having the address 4008 - 4010 Avenue De Châteaubriand, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Postal Code H2L 4B2. For a while I did not notice any problem with any kind of bugs. At the end of July 2009 an exterminator was brought by the building administrator. He spread insecticide in all the rooms (around 30) but without telling me what kind

of bugs he wanted to destroy.

The exterminator spent about 2 minutes in my room. The same thing he did in other rooms. I noticed that his work had been superficial.

In October 2009 unexplainable small scratches, little red dots, scabs which healed in ugly scars, started to appear on my skin, especially on the lower side of the legs. I noticed them especially in the morning.

Later in November 2009 I killed an insect of a type I had never seen before and which was full of blood. A few days later searching on the internet in order to find out what that insect was I found that it was a bedbug and that, probable, my room is heavily infested.

I bought a Spray Insecticide from Canadian Tire against bed bugs but it did not work.
One morning at about 5 o'clock I got up and found about 15 bedbugs on the bedsheets, all of them full of blood.

Finally I bought an insecticide called "Catalyst" from a store named Ace-Quincaillerie Azores Inc., No. 4299, Boul. St-Laurent, H2W 1Z4, Tel: 514-845-3543.
IT WORKED! However the bed bugs started to reappear a few months later so I have to use the insecticide again.

I put announcements in the entire building and I spoke with other tenants asking them to kill the bedbugs in their room. Most of them had or had had the same bed bug infestation.

Now, I check my skin each 3-4 days in order to see if I have new unexplained scars which appeared overnight. Their presence is a sign that at least one bed bug visited me during the night.

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