Rue De Champlain
Montréal, QC H2L

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Jan 11, 2013

Moved in to these apartments on January 1st and quickly realized that I, and several other people on my floor were getting bit. The building manager acted quickly to get the rooms sprayed by professionals, but that only seemed to keep the bugs away for about a week. Since then I've been bitten several times and caught seven bugs in my apartment alone.

They supposedly get preventative treatments twice a year, and seem to act fast when you bring it to their attention, but if o

ne person in the building doesn't properly treat their apartment, they just respread.

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When we visited this appartment, the seller said that they had bed bug before but they called an exterminator for this and all the bug were disapear. Today I just move in my appartment and we saw 4 bed bugs and 2 Coachs .

2101 rue de champlain
3 days after moving in I found myself with several bites. Turns out the whole building is infested, I've seen them crawling out the vents. Stay away!!

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