2247 Rue Larivière
Montreal, QC H2K

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I moved in in late october and the critters were still there... thankfully they let me out of the lease and asked for no money when i moved out a week later...

they sprayed before i left but those lil things are persistent.

I moved into an apartment on the ground floor of this building in 2008. After about a month I found a bug in my apartment. After searching the internet I discovered that it was, in fact, a bedbug. I contacted my landlord who said she would look into the problem but never called me back. Two weeks later I found another bedbug and contacted my landlord a second time. This time she played dumb and said she had never heard of bedbugs, and I reminded her that I had already spoken to her about the mat

ter. After bringing up the issue again, she admitted that other tenants in the building had also complained and gave me a bottle of bug spray which she instructed me to spray my apartment with. Obviously this did not work and I continued to find the bugs in my apartment. Finally, the building was professionally fumigated. This seemed to have worked, until one day, upon entering the shared laundry room, I discovered that someone had left a nice surprise in the washing machine. The inside of the machine was covered in dog hairs and dead/dying bedbugs. Needless to say, I did not use the washing machine that day. I contacted my landlord to inform her that somebody in the building, obviously a dog owner, had a serious problem with bedbugs and had left a disgusting mess in the laundry room. She said she believed that she knew who the culprit was, since only two people in the building owned a dog, and said that she would, again, look into the matter.
Fast forward 2 years: the building was fumigated on numerous occasions, never fully eradicating the problem. This included one occasion where the exterminators actually SPRAYED PUDDLES of the liquid poison directly ONTO my coffee table AND the papers, books and other things I had resting on top of it, causing damage to several items.The bedbugs would seemingly go away, sometimes for a few months, and then return. I finally moved out of the building a few months ago after, again, discovering a bed bug in my apartment. The guy with the dog, who I believe originally infested the building, was still living in the building when I left.

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