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Orkin confirmed bed bugs in West building apartment on 6/26/13. I didn't see any bugs, but woke up with multiple bites. Orkin treated the apartment 3x and on 7/12/13 declared it "cleared" and told me I could unpack and return to normal living conditions. Orkin said infestation wasn't bad (1 on a scale from 1-10). I didn't sleep there during treatment and came back on 7/17/13 and woke up with bites. Orkin came back on 7/19/13 to spray again and didn't see any bugs. I slept there again on 7/22/13

- I saw a bed bug crawling on me while on the couch and woke up covered in bites.

Orkin came back on 7/24/13 and said my bites were some of the worst he's seen. He told me that this is going to be a problem apartment and will most likely need to get rid of my couch.

Currently fighting with management to get out of my lease due to apt being uninhabitable. I cannot live there because I get such severe allergic reactions to bites and Orkin did not get rid of the problem when he initially declared the place "cleared".

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In November 2012 my husband found bedbugs in our apartment in the North building at Park Towne. He notified management who moved promptly to call in Orkin for an inspection. They verified that there were indeed bedbugs. We were not aware that the bugs were a problem here before this. Management circulated notices to all tenants near us informing them that one of their neighbors had bedbugs and that their apartments would be inspected too. (It appears to be management's policy that actual names a

nd apartment numbers are not made public.)

Orkin returned biweekly for the next four weeks. They sprayed the bedding, lifted the carpet and sprayed underneath. We had to pack all our clothing and other belongings in bags and move everything away from the walls so they could spray. We were told to buy a mattress encasement which we did. Orkin supplied a box spring encasement only after we were unsuccessful in finding an appropriate one. All of the above was at management's expense.

After the fourth week exterminator reported the place clear of bedbugs. The note on the box spring encasement said it must be in place for a year.

We have moved back into our apartment, have seen no bugs nor been bitten. We feel that with the encasements we have defeated the bugs.

It is interesting that our rental insurance, even the full coverage does not reimburse for bedbug problems. I wonder if any rental insurance company does.

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On 15th floor of east building: started receiving bites around September 22, 2012, about a week after moving in. Wasn't sure what it was until I saw a bug in bed a week or so later; caught it in tape and compared it to pictures online.

Process has been the worst (and I'm sure it won't improve any time soon). Inspection on October 1st verified that it was bed bugs. They are coming to treat today, October 5th.

Also, while trying to sort things out with management I was told that someone on

the third floor of the east building also has bed bugs so it is clearly a big problem and is not isolated to my room.

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Moved in 3/2012 and saw bugs the first day,but didn't know what they were, turned out to be bed bugs. Orkin was there several times, but the problem still exists. After battling with management, they agreed to let us out of the lease, but would not reimburse us for expenses incurred. This place is a dump and I wish we read the reviews before we rented here. We are in the process of talking to an attorney.

Do not rent here, bed bug infested and management is non- responsive. They take y

our money and then ignore you. We were lucky to get out of there.

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Saw first hand a guy who jsut moved in had bed bug bites all over him and he showed me one of the bed bugs he caught. This is recent. Huge problem.

BED BUG's - parktowne place.

The entire building is infested. Rats/mice and roaches aside... They have had bedbugs here for years and do little to nothing to remove them.

I just posted the bed bugs registry(no. 2) about this place. Just forgot duration : May- 2005 to mid 2008. Also, the property manager there was named Bob Philips(Philips Jr, Robert) at that time, just to give more specific information.

I lived at Park Towne appts for 2.5 years.
(1) East building (1 year): In my appartment did not have bed bugs. My friends in (west building) had trouble living there and had to do bugs treatment twice but no difference. I witnessed their trouble during most part of the year

(2) Having a good experience in first year, I moved to the same building (East) in a new appartment. This was a terrible disaster. Whole appartment was flooding with bed bugs right since the first day. The management char

ged us huge fees (300 once and for second time, $600) for bugs treatment and damages. Still no cure, by that time, bugs were on each floor in east bldg.

(3)Last six months, I moved to another floor in the same building-east just because I could not afford to rent a whole appartment at other place. Dispite knowing that that appt also already had bed bugs. However the roommates in that appt did extensive treatment making the bug harrassment a little lesser.

Guys, be ware if you are thinking of moving at park towne. You will be cheated by initially not disclosing the bugs history and then by charging huge fees. Additionally, you will be locked down at the place for a year because of the lease agreement you have done. I had to throw my all furniture in the second year and the second bed while moving out of third appartment.

You would ask why I stayed there for 2.5 years. I leased for the second year with the hope of finding the good appt because I had a good experience in first year. Then, I was locked down till I get rid of the 1 year lease and had already paid huge charges for bugs treatment in my apt. Then, while staying during last 6 months with friends, I was looking for a job. So, had no way..If you have any other option, you better do that.

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Park Towne Place, Apt. W1905A. Found bugs within the first week after move-in on 7/22/08. Management initially co-operated but was reluctant to pay for anything (such as treatments, laundry, etc). Heard from a maintenance guy that the West building has a history with bedbugs.

The in-house extermination company is treating every 10 days. Still getting bit.

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