2201 Pennsylvania Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19130-3513

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You're wrong they can live a year and a half without eating.

No bed bugs have been reported in this building since Feb of 2010. Thankfully bedbugs cant survive more than 6 months without a blood supply.

9th floor apartment experiencing 3rd infestation in 3 years residency @ this location.

I moved into apt.1113 of 2201 Pennsylvania Avenue in Nov. of last year and was set upon by a bedbug infestation the following Jan./Feb. At this time, the infestation was so bad that my now former girlfriend was bitten many times over the short time that she visited me. Management here were barbaric in their approach to me, my personal belongings and the as yet unresolved infestation.
This month (July) the bedbugs returned with a vengeance and so did the management after they found out that I r

eported them to L&I Compliance for this last episode
My bedding, mattress, sofa, two expensive afghan carpets along with two wool rugs were thrown out. This was all done without any prior notice to me in any way whatsoever.
I know for a fact that an accupant of the same apartment had an infestation back in Sept. of last year and that it drove them out of the apartment within a very short period of time.
All that I can say is, Shame On Philadelphia Management!

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Bedbug infestations have occured in apt. 1113 in September of 2007, January/February of 2008, and July of 2008. Many bites during all three infestations.
Apt. across the hall from 1113 was infested in March of 2008.
Apt. 1010 was heavily infested in July of 2008.
Previous poster: please re-post with more specific info on which floors are/were infested.

Bed bugs reported and identified on at least 5 floors of the building