537 N 11th St
Philadelphia, PA 19123-3321

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Just to be clear, we did not live in this house or directly witness any bedbug activity here. We came to see the 2nd floor apartment in this house as potential renters today and asked about any bedbug history; the landlord informed us that the house did have bedbugs in September of 2010, and had not been rented since then. He assured us that an exterminator had come several times and that he himself had put down diatomaceous earth (a natural remedy that is analagous to boric acid for roaches, an

d works by slowly eroding their exoskeletons). He also said that the apartment no longer has bedbugs.

We did not want to take any chances, for a number of reasons, and we did not consider renting here. If you consider renting this apartment, we recommend having a bedbug dog or a professional and knowledgable eterminator perform a thorough inspection.

In short, we want to emphasize that we did not see any bugs and are not claiming that the apartment has them. We are posting this because the landlord didn't say anything about this to our friend who saw the place earlier and only disclosed it when we asked directly, and we want other potential and future tenants to be informed so they can make their own decisions.

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