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September 1, 2011

I lived in the apartment for 2 years before getting bed bugs. I adored the apartment and never had a problem, until one day I saw a bug scurry across my comforter. I immediately brought it to maintenance fearing that it could be a bed bug as I had heard about a couple of the other units having bed bugs. Sure enough they told me it was a bed bug. I did not live at my apartment for a month and in the end broke my lease which they were really very nice about. Still though, when

I had asked maintenance how many units were being treated for bed bugs they told me only one. I found out a few days later that at least 6 other apartments had them ... including the one above me (which is probably why i saw one crawl out of my bathtub drain!). The exterminator, who was new (thankfully! since they used to have this guy who just sprayed the apartments) steamed my apartment, did two treatments, and said it "wasn't that bad". Though as I was cleaning my apartment one day I found what looked like an egg... and that was what ultimately prompted me to move out of the apartment. The fact that so many other units have bed bugs means that the entire building is pretty much infested and what they need to do is exterminate the entire building, but that would cost too much and I doubt they'll ever do it.

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6/29/2011 until 7/15/2011

Got bed bugs. It sucked. Took me 3 weeks to get rid of them. After talking to people realized this building as well as other buildings on the block are infested with them. I got rid of them, but they probably just went to a neighbor's apartments. Actually I'm pretty sure they did because the girl down the hall has them too. Let's face it folks, if you're living in a large apartment building in a city there's a good chance someone in your building has bedbugs and i

f 1 person has it, the building has it! So take preventative measures. It's not the landlord's fault, this place has like 50+ units. It would cost them millions of dollars to get rid of them and then they would probably just come back. Welcome to living with bedbugs.

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I first got a random bites that I thought were from either a spider or mosquito (started in early-mid september 2010). The bites would swell up and become red, which is similar to what happens when I get bitten by a mosquito. Then, I got more bites, and started to get nervous that is was something else, but was hesitant to think anything because I'm clean and just moved into the apartment with limited furniture. A friend of mine in NYC had just gotten through a horrific battle with bedbugs and

warned me about them. I called and asked her what the bugs looked like and we both came to the conclusion that my bites were from bedbugs. I then went along the wall of my bedroom and found a few of them hidden in lining of the carpet. That's when I freaked out! I didnt sleep in my apartment that night just because I was afraid I would get bit again (and these bites are SO ITCHY and HORRIBLE). The next morning I went to the maintenance department, who told me that both the ppl below me and my neighbors (sharing a wall with my bedroom) had bedbugs. She told me I couldnt break my lease, but would exterminate the apartment. I did not sleep in my apartment until after the extermination. I was there the first time when the guy used a spray (which I dont think works...). He came a second time when I wasnt there - I was good for about a week or two and got more bites. I complained again, he came again twice to spray - I was good again for a week or two, got more bites. I got exterminated again, but I really do not think what they are doing is helping. It is now 2011 and I have NO clue what my options are and I am trying to figure out if there is any way I can move out without having to pay rent on this apt because I cant keep going through this.

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At first I only had a couple bites that I thought may have been from a spider because I didn't consider bed bugs to be an issue since I am a clean person. However, two mornings later I woke up with more bite marks. I was told by the maintenance department that the apartment above mine also had bed bugs the week before. An exterminator was called but I woke up with even more bite marks a couple days later. I struggled to sleep and often slept on a chair or some other arrangement to avoid my b

ed. However, I continued to get bite marks. A second extermination was done by the same company or man (I think it's not a bed bug certified or even a big extermination company). However, I still got bites the next two days and am struggling to figure out what my options are as a renter. I've now had bed bugs for 2 weeks but my landlord said that if I broke the lease I'd still have to pay rent and give 30 days notice but I don't want to live in a bed bug infested building for another 30 days. I don't feel they are living up to their end of the lease and I should be able to leave.

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