1346 Chestnut St, Apt 710
Philadelphia, PA 19107-4515

Found 5 reports:

I live in apt. 505 and I've only lived here for about a month now. Since I've moved in, the power has gone out for several hours and two days afterwards the building was evacuated because of a ridiculously high carbon monoxide reading... It's been almost a week now and we (students) are still staying a hotels amongst the city. It is not only closed for high readings of carbon monoxide, but also numerous health code violations.
A couple days before all of this I noticed that I was getting incr

edibly itchy.... EVERYWHERE ....I started getting rashes on my legs... since I've been staying at the hotel, I've been fine... and seeing this these reports really answers my questions...

1346 needs to be done.

see full report...

I work for an exterminator and I think I can help. You can e mail me at [email protected] I can come and take a look and see what we can do. No cost or obligation. It might be something you arent thinking of and I can let you know.

I'm still itching in various places all over my body

I woke up and I don't even know man I don't even know I was speechless, there were things crawling everywhere...My roomate was in tears.

Our apt is infested...I\'m itching all over