4300 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2952

Found 2 reports:

we live at netherlands apartments on this block, witnessed a lady bring obviously infected mattress from the back alley near dumpster of the Belgium Apartments next door into her back door at Netherlands. Address probably is 4320. Mattress was torn/slashed with wripped open bedbug cover. A man tried to stop her, saying it had bugs, she took it inside anyhow.

The Netherlands Apartments comprises the entirety of the block of 4300 Chestnut Street.

3 infestations in the past 4 years.

Management sent an outside professional exterminator the first time, which did appear to eliminate the problem. They came quickly, and the effort appeared to be well coordinated. We do not have the specific dates of this "original" infestation.

The infestation reappeared approximately 1 1/2 to 2 years later and was quickly dealt with.

Most recent infestatio

n however is on-going as of today and has been met with delayed response and inexperienced extermination attempts by building maintenance. It seems like management is reluctant to professionally and properly exterminate a third time.

Maintenance puts down sticky "test strips" for a week first before taking any action, but these are designed for roaches and rodents. They do not work on bedbugs, which are often already in the mattress not on the floor where you find other pests. Bedbugs do not stick to sticky traps and can walk right across them. They only stick to the test strips if they happen to fall onto their backs. The sticky "test strips" are not reliable.

Following the last treatment to exterminate the bugs by building maintenance, the infestation worsened.

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