209 N 36th St
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2430

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I lived there for almost an year: summer 08 to summer 09. The building has a bed bug infestation including my unit. We spoke to the Realtor (Urban and Bye) a couple of times about this issue. At first, he accused us of bringing the bugs into the apartment from our old home. I guess the other tenants started complaining (they moved in a couple of weeks before us) and so they had to call an exterminator about 2 months later. It was not of much use although we were luckily not charged for anything.

I spent like at least close to a 1000 bucks in various treatments, sprays, lotion, anti-itch creams etc. It was a horrendous ordeal to say the least. Made my life horrible. The building is kinda old and not maintained very well. Added to that, there are a lot of trees around the building that probably contribute to a lot of pests.

If you are moving in, be sure to ask U & B to thoroughly disinfect/exterminate the place although I would say it probably will not help. Even better, do not move in at all and look for other options.


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