542 Askin Ave
Windsor, ON N9B

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group of 4 students moved into 542 askin ave in september 4th 2009 the house had left over furniture and was left in a disgusting state, we used the left over mattresses as boxsprings to our mattresses. By next day both females were experiencing strange welts/rash thinking it was an allergic reaction didnt think anything of it. By september 12 2009 both females were covered head to toe in very, very itchy welts and rash. Went to hospital and the docter was stumped and didnt know exactly what is

was but said it looked like a bad case of herpes and we were highly contagious and referred the girls to a dermotoligist. We quarentined ourselves until our docters appointment with the dermotoligist and he told us we had bedbugs. we went home and checked our beds and we collected over 100 bugs off of one mattress alone and we took a video of it. We notified the landlords and they refused to pay for an extermination until september 25 2009. Landlord only gave $740.00 towards the extermination even though the total bill was over $900.00. The exterminator recommended we do an additional extermination at $450.00 due to the severity of the infestation but landlords refused to pay for it and we did not have the money to pay for it. We slept on a floor and in the bathtub from mid september to mid january. It was the most traumatic experience of our lives I am now sufferfrom post traumatic stress disorder and refuse to sleep over at other places besides my own and i currently still dont have a bed. My roommate was also allergic to the bites and she suffered immensely. We lost over $8000.00 of property and the house had bugs right up until we moved out in january 2010. We know the new tenants are using our old furniture we put out in the garage because of the bugs so the house is most likely still infested

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