2035 University Ave W
Windsor, ON N9B

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As far as I know, the apartment had changed the owner. The new owner had solved all the bedbug issues. The building is clean and tidy. With all the convenience, it's really a good place to live in.

I am a student and moved in to the apartment in Sep. Everything is in good condition. Could not find any bugs issue as I have stayed for two months. It's really a good place to live in. The manager is nice and responsible.

This building is cockroach, mice and ant infested. DO NOT RENT IN THIS BUILDING. Living conditions are terrible and new manager is terrible, rude, and slow to do anything and appears scared to report things to the building owner (astonishingly a Windsor Lawyer) Be very careful here.

they are not bedbugs they were fleas .. so I think the report shouldn't be here .. & I hope the problem is over :) ty

Yesterday I've found the worst .. I have a double infestation of (Bedbugs and fleas), I captured some of them crawling on my body at night .. I don't really know what to write, but I feel like I'm gonna get crazy or I will commit a suicide .. its NOT my problem at the first place, and now I'm giving it to other ppl as well .. and I am in a total isolation for over a month I can't go to anyone or invite anyone WTF ,, what a luck

P.S. same person

I just want to say that they my not be Bedbugs .. I think that the place was infested w/ fleas. b/c there is no sign of bedbugs but they have similar looking bites.

P.S. I am the same person who submitted the first comment .. just want to clear things up.

I've moved to this location "apartment building" AUG 26th .. and I felt the bites the night of the 30th .. it burnt as hell I dip my self into a full bathtub then I saw the little suckers "baby bedbugs" floating , I couldn't sleep for 2 days after that .. I went to the clinic and they confirmed that was bedbugs bites, inspector came in the 30th ,but couldn't find a thing so he said its not emergency I have to wait a full week before they put they're poison ... I decided to pest the apartment m

yself ,now its full of powder poison all over .. oh & I throw some of my furniture away.

P.S. the manager was and is very helpful, he tried his best to help, but it seems like the ppl were here ran away n cleaned the apt, but left the bugs.

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