475 Bruce Ave
Windsor, ON N9A

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When my boyfriend and I first moved in last September (09 2014), we were happy to hear that an exterminator was going to come in and look at all the apartments. it wasn't until l 2 days before the exterminator came that our building manager posted on my adjacent neighbour that they had bed bugs for sure. I've never seen anyone go in or out of that apartment, im pretty sure no one lives there. how ever we have a new people living here above my apartment and now all of a sudden we have beg bugs al

l over the place.
I am a very clean person and I cant figure out how i have them because bed bugs terrify me and i take all precaution to keep them away. my building manager never picks up their phone so i cant ever fathom how long it will be before this all gets taken care up. i just hope to god when i call again she will answer and get this dealt with asap.
p.s we still have no live in manager nothing gets taken care of, and our elevator is a horrendous mess

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This apt is the worst apt I ever seen in my life, it has bed bugs and also the York Property Management gives rent to mental mind person or any drug dealers, they York Property Management do not care who lived here and who to give to rent. They all care about money please for own families safety stay away from this apt. Thank You for reading my reports.

this apt been bought by company called York property, they don't have a manger inside building if something happened with in your home. they don't care at all to bad you have to wait, you never know for how long. "maybe for 4 months or more. Please stay away from this building. Also have bed bugs too.

This building is completely infested with bed bugs from the 6th floor down, honestly the new property owners let anyone in and dolt give a fuck. Tenants in this building have been complaining about this for the last five months and now they are finally doing something (09/30/14). If you come across this building as you might cause there's always apartments in here for rent I would advise you to stay away and keep searching!!!!!

Lived there for almost a year and within 2 months we were infested by bedbugs. If you looked outside where the dumpster was, you would observe piles upon piles of beds laying around, all of which were disposed of by their owners due to the RIDICULOUS amount of bed bugs living on them. Most, if not all, tenants of this building experienced this issue and nothing has been done by the management nor the owner of the building. Please stay away from this building, along with the many other buildings

reported on this site as to avoid the spread of bedbugs in Windsor.

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