22 Nelson Street
County Of Brant, ON N3S6H8

Found 2 reports:

His name is SEAN THOMPSON and he's a drug addict, alcoholic and a rapist.

There's no bed bugs at this place yet BUT it's rented by the biggest scumbags you could ever imagine. Me and my girlfriend lived there for a while and we couldn't wait to get out.

One guy named Sean gets drunk all night fights with people in the hallways, brings sketchy bar sluts home and makes noise until 5am. He's a total loser with no life and a drunk drug addict.

Lady downstairs fakes disability and has a scooter when she's perfectly able to walk and gardens all day. She's a drunk too

and frequently neglects her dog (that bites!) to rant about how she was molested as a child. The whole neighbourhood can hear her...

Just stay away unless you like living among trash. Then you'll fit in beautifully..

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