640 Dixon Rd
Toronto, ON M9W

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On Friday, 20 May 2011 at approximately 11:30 p.m. my wife spotted a bedbug crawling across a pillow on the queen bed nearest the window in suite 1211 at the Radisson Hotel at 640 Dixon Road in Mississauga, ON. I captured the bug in a tissue, took it to the front desk, and exchanged the vexing little blood sucker for a new room on a different floor.

I asked the gentlemen at reception whether they had experienced any bedbugs at this hotel before, and, after a slight hesitation, one of them tol

d me "maybe once in six months." I was also told that the bug would be presented to housekeeping in the morning, apparently the first step in an arduous process to rid rooms of these bugs.

My wife has stayed at this otherwise splendid hotel before without incident, so we are hoping that our sleeps here this weekend will be uninterrupted. However, we are now wary.

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