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I stayed in Room 115 at the beginning of Sept 2012 and was extremely worried about BB'S because of the reports I found on this site. The only reason I chose this hotel was because the TIFF was taking place, and it was literally the last room I was able to find. I stayed 2 nights. I checked the sheets, pillows, and mattress as soon as I walked in and it seemed clean, and woke up after the first night with no bites. The room was clean and tidy and the hotel was small but nice. The staff was f

riendly. The chair in my room was broken, and on the morning I left, the smoke detector kept blaring really loudly (the battery was dying). I was awake, but I'm sure it woke people up on my floor. On top of that, I didn't get the wakeup call I asked for. To be fair, the lady at the counter was very cool and, even though I didn't ask for it, she comp'd be 30% of the fee, which was very nice of her, and pretty much brought the price-goughed fee (due to the TIFF) down to what it should initially have been. Because she did this, and because my room was very nice, big, clean, and had no BB's, I am happy to recommend this hotel.


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Stayed here from 9/11-9/13 (2012), in room 115. Checked the bed as soon as I got there and even sprayed preventative spray. Nothing happened. Never woke up with any bites. My only issue with the place is that they didn't make the wake up call I asked for (and a couple of other technical issues; my chair was broken and the smoke alarms went off for no reason), but I was compensated immediately upon check-out by the helpful staff there, which was greatly appreciated.

I didn't take advantage

of any of the amenities they had (room service was ridiculously expensive, but the food from the restaurant they cook from was pretty good when I dined in for lunch), but overall, the place was big, clean, and for the most part, well-run.


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Bed bugs same hotel in August 2010. Bites all over my mid back.I reported it to management and they said they would check into it. Never heard anything and have major health issues over past few years that I suspect are a result of this incident.

I stayed at the holiday inn airport east on September 28, 2010. 12 hours later found bites on my legs. 24 hours later the bites were all over. I have informed hotel. Waiting to hear back from them.

If you have not already done so, take photographs of the bites and the resulting swelling etc. If you can prove the hotel knew about a pre-existing infestation in the room and was negligent in renting to you.....you will have to have supporting evidence of the impact and consequences. (I am not a lawyer.)

Go to the forum at www.bedbugger.com and post some of your questions there.

We spent the night of August 9-10 at the Holiday Inn, Airport East (Toronto). I got up with a few bites on my left hand and informed the hotel right away. The manager was very concerned and extremely professional; he took my number and assured me that he'd deal with the matter right away, using the company they usually deal with. The day after, he called me to say that the 2 rooms either side had been shut off, as well as our room, and that I would be getting an immediate refund. I was very impr

essed with the service.

Nonetheless, things got a lot worse.... within 24 hours the rest of the bites began to surface. I'm allergic to mosquito bites and it would seem, to bed bugs as well. We went to the ER (by which time I was taking Benadryl regularly and had my arm/leg wrapped in ice), but they couldn't do anything else because I'm six months pregnant. My husband estimates that I had 150 bites - they were on my face, neck, ear, shoulders, back, legs and arms. My left arm and leg were the worst. The swelling and itching were excruciating.

Towards the end of our vacation, bites appeared on our son (3), and more came up since our return home. We stayed at three different addresses during our trip so I hope that we have not passed the infestation onto these other households. For now, we have to decontaminate the suite we're in (at the home of some friends)... my fingers are crossed.

I've written to the Toronto Health Authority. Do you know of any cases in which hotel guests have secured any additional compensation? It pretty much ruined our trip.

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