52 Lynmont Rd
Toronto, ON M9V

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This is the Landlord for this property and there are no issues regarding bed bugs. They came to my house from the same person that wrote the earlier comment. I had this issue only at that time.
Currently, the all the bugs were remove and the house has been renovated for the new tenants. Also, I am planning to renovate the basement for May 2013. To Sum it all up, the property is clean and ready to be rented. Also, I have a waiting list for my property, If you are interested please let me know f

or appointment. 416-829-9635

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This house had a Bedbug problem which started about a month ago (feb 2011). The house was fumigated twice feb 17, Mar 8th and hopefully they are all gone. The landlord is planning on renting out this property again and I would just like possible renters to know the risk.

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