120 Widdicombe Hill Blvd
Toronto, ON M9R

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We did have bed bugs for a couple of months but I had the super to spray twice and I kept vaccuming/laundry ing and I haven't had an issue for over 2 years. Getting rid of bed bugs requires a lot of cleaning and discipline and I reqd a lot about their hiding places(check ur books) its entirely possible that people did not have the time to invest to get rid of theirs. I also think they came through the ac though cause my shaft was broken at the time

i have bedbugs in this building everywhere i can feel them as well inmy bedroom next to the master in a three bedroom at this location

What floord did/do you live on?

120 Widdicombe is a clean building, I haven’t had a problem with anything and anytime I’ve had to talk with the building staff they have been helpful and quick to respond. This is a nice place to live

I don't think it's tru...120 Widdicombe HIll is a building very well keept were evrybady cares...

The reports are completely true 120 Widdicombe Hill Blvd is infested with bedbugs. I believe them to be traveling from unit to unit via the heat and ac system which connects living rooms and bedrooms of the units above and below. I have bites showing which I have seen a Doctor about. My family is also showing signs which all started this September. We can feel them crawling on us at night.

I'm in my 3rd year here and have no evidence of bed bugs at all. So, I'm hoping this report is exaggerated.

We were good for a the first few months, but my roommate was the first to notice the bedbugs around the master bedroom. They soon spread to my room and the living room couch. Then the mice came.

We're entirely certain both came through the walls, which in some places sound like they're hollow. Either way, room's sprayed and then they come back.

This building is infected with Bed Bugs. They do come and spray, but only spray one apartment at a time. This has been called and registered with Toronto Public Health. Please be aware of this when looking at renting in this building.

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