2336 Weston Rd
Toronto, ON M9N

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I don't believe the first report was false or as a result of her wanting to break her lease. I moved into this building end of July 2014 coming from a clean building in Brampton never in my life having to deal with any type of bugs let alone bed bugs. The superintendent in conversation said she had recently cleaned out an apartment full of roaches and bed bugs. Although she is now retracting her story since I've made my complaint. I recently found out that there are bed bugs in my unit. I have

had a severe allergic reaction to the bites which is how I found out I have them. I'm waiting on a response from CLV Group as to what they are going to do with this issue. I sent my email yesterday morning and to date I haven't received a response. It shows how much they care about their tenants. This is the worst property management office I have ever had to deal with. It's sad and disgusting.

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I do not think this lady told truth. We asked Pest Control company to treat her apartment but we did not find any evidence of bed bugs. her mattress was in really good condition without any marks of bedbugs and she took her mattress with her. Some times people build some story to brake their lease agreement. CLV Group allowed her to go.

We found a few bed bugs in our bedroom. We called the Super and he told us that there have been a few reported cases in the building down the street with the same management. He also told us that years ago they sprayed the entire building for bedbugs.
They sprayed our unit 3 days after we reported the problem. We made sure to sterilize EVERYTHING. 1 1/2 weeks later we found another bug on our Mattress!! We called the super again and he said they've have to spray again!
I'd like to MOVE OUT c

ause i have bites all over me and i've had to throw away my $1500 mattress and box springs but the CLV Group (building management) will not let me terminate my lease until July, 2013! WTF WHAT CAN I DO???

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