1901 Weston Rd
Toronto, ON M9N

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i m at 1901 weston rd bedbug city stay away


I brought my baby home from the hospital. I spent my welfare check buying her a brand new crib, with out no food for me to survive for this month. MY BABY GIRL WOKE UP WITH BITES ON HER FACE! and now i have to throw away the new crib i had bought. Please help us.
sincerely, i need help.

well a man was in the laundry on the second floor and two washer machines had them all over now i am so scared to do my laundry i had the problem previously and it nearly put me insane its inbarrssing and makes you paranoid you are never the same after. please help this building we need help i hear theres lots and i have a little boy and i work for my money i cannot afford to through stuff out again thank you. again please help.

Lots of bedbugs...stay away!

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