1775 Weston Rd
Toronto, ON M9N

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I've been living here since September 2014 and I didn't have any problems at first then I noticed reaches and mice. Everytime I bring this to the landlords attention they bring in the same guy to do the same exact spraying.. it's a waste of time.
The other tenants are gross as well, which is why I feel like the bed bugs came from the next unit over. Everyone and their kinfolk go into that apartment. I had to throw away my whole bed set because the bed bugs were so big and sc

ary looking.
They don't do much to help you. I'm currently searching for somewhere else to live, STAY AWAY.

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haven't had any issues with bedbugs...yet. Infested with tons of cockroaches throughout building and mice as well. Disgusting dirty building...


there is too many roaches in the apartments. sometimes you even find them in you food. which is not good. they need to do something about the roaches before i call public health.

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