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For almost six months at the beginning of this year (early 2010 and into June), I had my place sprayed 5-6 times. Let me tell you, when you have to go through it the first time, you will never forget it. You have to bag everything in your rooms, remove all pictures, move all furniture (some turned upside down) and then, after one week of living out of bags, you have to launder everything (and in dryer for an hour), dryclean, etc. It is very costly, never mind the emotional toll. So to do this

numerous times with no results is traumatic. I was told that there is at least one unit on each floor that has been affected .. I had the Health Inspector come out to inform the landlords of what they had to do. To see NO listings on this site is very very misleading...... if I have them, then you can be assured the tenants above, below and on each side have them - they travel through wall sockets, etc. I will never get over having gone through this. I want to move but do not want to transport my belongings with bed bugs in everything so am stuck right now.

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