191 St George St
Toronto, ON M8Z

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I am going to view an apartment in this building. Can any current tenants give me an updated about whether or not there are currently any bed bugs?

Hi there,

this is bad news since I was planning to move into this place in January.

Do you by any chance have more detailed information about the bebugs at this location? What floor is your apartment on and do you know of other apartments that are affected as well?

Are there any other people having issues at this place?

Any information and details would be much appreciated :)  Thanks so much in advance .  Feel free to reply here or send me an email at 191stgeorge@mailinator.com

Thank you so much!

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About two months after moving in I noticed the bites. I had the apartment sprayed and thought they had been taken care of but a few weeks later they were back - and it's even worse. Management has agreed to have the apt. sprayed again but I'm planning on moving soon.

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