9 Birchlea Ave
Toronto, ON M8W

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In about Dec. 2011, after living in this building about 4 months we began noticing bites, but were in denial and figured it may be spiders since we'd never seen the bugs. But after inspectin our mattress after weeks of itching and pain we found bugs. Management was quick to react, but it didn't help much as we kept finding the odd bug.
We took matters into our own hands and bought a stong spray, matress covers, and thoroughly caulked along the floor boards. This seemed to fix the problem for th

e most part. We did find the odd bug once in about March 2012 and then in July 2012.
It is a very dirty building with bugs of all kinds (centipedes, cockroaches, and begbugs). I would advise nobody to move into this building as it is a public health issue.

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before i moved in my appartment i saw how dirty and rundown i was they told me everything is going to be ready and clean before i moved in. first night i slept there i got bitten rigth away next night i killed 3 bed bugs and found one dead than looking around more carefully i noticed all kinds of white bed bug skin shell. know i know there is an infestation here big time and the superintendent seems to know nothing about it. exterminator comming tomorrow this doesn't look good....they said they

had problems on the third floor before. beware of that building it is infested. always inspect an appartment very well before you rent believe your eyes not what they tell you.

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