9 33rd St
Toronto, ON M8W

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My mother lives in 15 33rd on a couple occasions she has noticed cockroaches and also has tried contacting the health department of Ontario an also no response its like because they live in a "slummy" area they don't care but yet my mother is one of the few who is not government assisted in fact she works for city of Toronto and its sad to think they just don't care

9, 11 and 15 Thirty Third St. Etobicoke Ont. M8W 3G7
Dec. 22rd 2011 I woke up in apartment 204 (slept at a friends) in the morning with what appeared to be hives on my neck and a couple on my leg. As the day progressed they spread all down both arms both shoulders both legs and down the left side of my back. I went to a walk in clinic and was so inflammed that the doctor thought it was hives as well. Perscribed reactin. When the swelling went down every rediculously itchy red circle had a hard

white thing in the middle. I read online that this is common in bedbug bites and diagnosed myself eaten alive. The building sprayed but the day after I went back into the room, 1pm, curtains pulled back... and found 2 on the end outside of the boxspring, one of the top of the comforter and one on the floor. All alive. Im no scientist, but when I'm finding nocturnal bugs alive and out in the open in the middle of the day... Im thinking its a huge problem.

P.S. The landlord had no clue of the infestation in apt 204, and was in fact spraying for bedbugs from an infestation in apt 304 of the same building. They are redoing this building and they are doing a terrible job. Many tenants have been injured coming in and out of their homes, people being bullied to move out due to a renovation project. The renovations themselves, they are not helping the cockroaches and bedbug problem, they are just covering up the problem. I feel sorry for the people who live there, and I personally will never go back. Never have I been in such a run down building where cockroaches scatter as you walk up the blood and urine stained staircase. You have been warned.

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I have reported to my landlord that I have bed bugs but he refuses to spray. I have called Public Health and not recieved an answer.

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