560 Evans Ave
Toronto, ON M8W

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I stayed at this hotel from November 19th, 2012 - November 22nd, 2012 while attending a work training course. When I awoke on day 3 I experienced itching on my back and discovered I had been the buffet for a host of bed bugs leaving approximately 40 bites over my body!! I immediately attended the front reception desk and inquired any previous bed bug issues and literally showed pictures (taken on my phone) the bite marks I incurred. I was given a mere shrug and informed a note will be made of it

. Upon check out, no one inquired to my situation, concern and report of BED BUGS. I attempted to contact and speak with the manager upon my return home and was advised no one was available to assist my concern or take my information to be contacted. I was redirected to leave a telephone message, in which I have not yet been contacted. I followed up with a telephone call and spoke with Toronto Public Health to commence a health complaint/report. I will be in contact with the licensing department as well regarding the health and safety of this hotel. I am disgusted by this experience, specifically the treatment I received thus far. When I returned home I was instructed by health officicials to leave all of my clothing and belongings outside with the hopes I did not bring the BED BUGS to infest my child, wife, dog or home. I encourage all not to stay at this hotel as well inform your family, friends and collegues as rest assured, I will be. Sincerely, completly disgusted.

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My family and I arrived at your hotel on October 14, 2011. Shannon Millington checked us in and we were assigned a room on the ground floor. After entering our room, we discovered 3 very active and alive BEDBUGS under the bedskirt near the wall by the ironing board. The bedskirt was also stained with their feces, suggesting that they had been there awhile. In addition, the entire room was dirty and unpleasant. We were disgusted and we will NEVER EVER EVER stay at your hotel again. I can only hop

e that the room was fumigated and thoroughly cleaned, but I have serious doubts about this. When we told Shannon why we were leaving, she did not seem surprised. THAT made me mad. I told her quietly about the bugs thinking that I did not want to upset other guests nearby, but I now wish I had shouted it because I have a feeling that NOTHING was done about the bugs. Those bugs will now multiply and spread because of your establishment’s negligence! I am very upset and I am sending a copy of this letter to your corporate headquarters.
An extremely disappointed customer

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