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I made a typing error in my report Oct. 14, 2015 regarding bed bugs at this address, it should have read 230 Lake Promenade.

I moved into my apartment in July of this year, about 2 weeks ago from today, Oct.15,2015 as I was getting into bed I noticed a bed bug {I knew what it was from watching TV}. I put it into a glass jar filled with alcohol then went back to check the rest of my bed my bed, altogether I collected about 8 or 10 of them to show management.

I should mention that prior to this I went to my Doctor because of a very itchy skin rash on my arms and legs, not knowing about the bed bugs the Doctor thou

ght I had developed a sensitivity to the sun which turned out to be a real annoyance.

While putting the rest of my bed linens in plastic bags for washing I noticed 2 small congregations of babies at the top and bottom of my mattress cover, I proceeded to throw everything out including my carpets after labelling them.

Next day I took my jar over to the management office and requested an exterminator be called, however the management played dumb and said he didn't know what they were and he would speak with the exterminators and get back to me.

After a few days I went back to his office when he told me the exterminators would be in touch either the following week or after Thanksgiving, I told him this was unacceptable as they spread quickly, as of today still no word about the exterminators.

My life has been a living hell, I sleep on the couch, I'm afraid to change my clothing until after I take it to the laundry room (one piece at a time), no one wants me to visit them and they won't visit me for fear of bedbugs invading their homes. I feel totally isolated and alone.

I read that in preparation for exterminators everything should be moved away from the walls, closets and drawers should be emptied and to clear any clutter which I did a couple of weeks ago and now my apartment is more cluttered with plastic bags and Tupperware containers to store everything in.

I've also been told to keep checking my car as they can also live there. Do you think this would be considered a valid reason to break my lease and move. I love this area, the lake is across the road and it is convenient to everything but I'm not sure how much more I can take.

P.S. There are at least a dozen mattresses in clear plastic bags out by the garbage bins crawling with bedbugs.

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Compten has let these apartments on Park & Lake Promenade go to shit over the past few years.

They try to keep everything by the book and skirt the laws when they can. Same happened at 220 Lake Promenade where both bed bugs and roaches were reported. They tried getting us to pay for spraying accusing us of bringing bed bugs into the building. I advised them that it's illegal and if they press the issue, they'll be reported to the LTB.

If you're looking here to move into one of these buildi

ngs, move on. They're not worth the trouble.

Potheads dealing out of a first floor apartment, neighbors upstairs that sound like they're herding elephants and management that only looks out for their profits. Their solution to the noise complaints.......call the cops. So much for looking out for your tenants.

By the way, you have to call the head office? They don't answer the phone and screen their calls.

They don't even have the balls to knock on your door to hand you a notice, they slide it under the door and skulk away like cowards. Afraid to interact with their tenants.

I could go on and on but this place is history for us very soon and not looking back!!

This is way beyond bed bugs and roaches, it's turning into a slum.

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Hi I was wondering is there cockroaches too? Or if anyone know if 21 park blvd has bedbugs or cockroaches? I don't want to move in with our son if there is. Thanks so much for your help

Subdued lighting is more powerful than heat treatments. Over two years, not one negative comment or disappointment. Thanks to all. This method is for Multi-Family housing and single family.
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I discovered bed bugs in my unit. Occupant for almost 4 years. Told management about the bugs and they want me to pay for the pest control. I am happy they are treating my unit but building should be reported to Toronto Health and I reported the building to Toronto Public Health. The building is blaming me because they do not want to pay for my treatment of bed bugs. This escalates the problem people who don't know their rights are keeping these bugs secret and tenants who will fight need t

hese bugs gone. Do not move in here. Nice apartments but management is sub-par. Superintendent is great but Compten Management is money hungry and will try to take you for money. It is not my fault I have bed bugs.

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