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Since June of this year I have been dealing with cockroaches. Initially the management company tried to convince us it was ants and told us to purchase ant traps. We listened to them initially and purchased the traps. Within a week we were finding cockroach eggs, and larger cockroaches. The management company has sent a company over to inspect. They found cockroach eggs and cockroaches and they have sprayed our apartment. We had no sign of cockroaches until this past week in which we are seeing

the tiny roaches again. When I called management this week they told me that it can take a while for the bugs to die off. When I told her that the information she was giving me is incorrect she said she would call me back with information of my next inspection and treatment for the bugs. That was Friday, and today is Wednesday.

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I never had a problem. Far as I know they don't have to contact residents who have not brought the issue to their attention.

For those who are 'happy tenants' as noted to one of the particular posting AS OF DEC 2010 Apts. 208, 206, 108, 210 and an apartment on the 7th floor were to be inspected and sprayed - HOWEVER the other tenants in the building were not notified and the company MAGIC PEST Control is using very Toxic pesticides which require 3 too 4 applications to be successful in eradicating the bed bugs. Thermal Heat control is the recommended application which requires only one treatment and is not toxic. Th

e Management DID NOT Inspect nor did they contact the residual apartments - the Property Management is absolutely incompetent.

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We live in a 7 floor apartment building - have lived here for over 20 years. A week or so ago we noticed a bug in one of the bedrooms. Today (August 19th 2011) we got inspected. The two mattresses are infected. Apparently there was an issue on the other side of building but tenants were not notified of this.

Bedbugs are here...help!

Lived here for 17 years and never had a problem. Have not heard of any bedbug issues.

Lived there for almost 10 years.
The building was great until maybe 2008.
There was a couple of bedbugs sightings reported to management in 2010. They tried to underplay it (they said it was christmas tree bugs LOL)but eventually some of the units were sprayed bad with poor results.
Overall this building is nice but management terrible!!! Recently they issued invoices to almost all tenants for using storage lockers for a couple of years back! Some of the tenants have been charged a couple of

thousands of dollars.
Stay away.

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