2543 Lake Shore Blvd W
Toronto, ON M8V

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Was shown an apartment on the third floor, and all looked well. Upon our move in day, we found dozens of cockroaches also must have signed a lease years ago, and probably won't be moving out anytime soon with the way management "deals" with the problem. They work only on basis of complaints. Your first complaint, they'll dust and gel the place. Second they'll spray, third, they'll dust and gel again. Only issue is that only the complaining apartment will get the treatment. So the roaches will dw

indle for a few weeks but still be visible, then they'll roam right back in, forcing you to disrupt your life and happiness with a pest control guy entering your unit constantly and having to clear out all the drawers and utensils from the cabinets. Overall experience here was horrible and I would tell anyone to stay away from this place. Would have moved out the first day but leases don't work like that.

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Building is known to have had bed bugs.
Lady on the third floor has had them and had to have them dealt with.

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