2495 Lake Shore Blvd W
Toronto, ON M8V

Found 3 reports:

I am pretty sure the people complaining are the ones who brang the little buggers from their previous residence. I live in this building and I dont have a bug problem.

Notified Landlord of getting bites on July 1st she did not have anyone sent to even look until the following week. It took them additional 4 days to have the apartment sprayed. THe guy who showed up to spray was very ignorant. We had asked when we first moved in if the apartment had any problems with infestations of bed bugs, the reply was NOOO not our building. I am very disappointed in the lack of communication. Does Trivest even know that this is how their landlords act?

The entire building is infested with bed bugs and the land lord refuses to do anything about it. They also neglected to tell us that they were having this issue before we signed the lease.

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