2493 Lake Shore Blvd W
Toronto, ON M8V

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I was a tenant at 2493 Lakeshore Blvd. West, 1st floor for 4 years. Also, I’d like to highlight that I’ve been an excellent tenant fulfilling all the tenants’ responsibilities.

A brief description of what has happened with the management of bed-bug infestation situation from the property manager, Sanjay Varma and the Buildings managers of 2493 Lakeshore Blvd. West:

My apartment was infested with Bed-Bugs for 2 months. There were 3 sprays made and the infestation was s

till persisting when I moved out.

I tried to be in touch with the Property Manager (Sanjay Varma) and I left 2 messages after the 3rd spray and no response and no communication and no phones calls have been returned.

On the 3rd spraying, I actually went and stayed inside, risking my health, and the sub-contractor that Homestead had hired didn’t spray for more than 8-10 minutes.
Extremely contrary to the City of Toronto Public Health bed bugs treatment protocol.
It was the most ridiculous job ever done and after 2 days the BedBugs were all over the place.

Homestead did not take this matter at all seriously, nor the Magical Pest Control Company that they had contracted.
That’s how horrible the situation was until I moved out.

They put at risk my parents’ health and mine as well, by not taking it seriously and by not showing any professionalism at all, neither from Homestead nor from the sub-contractor (Magical Pest Control).

I have proof, such as and photos and videos for this issue.
Stay away from that building because they have given up on it.

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Bed bugs occurred in a first floor unit in the summer of 2010. They may have gotten there due to a swap in furniture from another tenant in the building. Bed bugs were treated twice, right away and no problems have occurred since. I have not heard of any other cases in the building. It is not a bad building, just treat it right away if it occurs.

The reality is that the tenant must cooperate with the landlord, in order to get rid of the insects from the apt. where the tenant is living. If the tenant does not cooperate, it is not easy to get rid of these insects. It is easy to blame !

entire building is infested. My friends suite has been treated 3 times with no luck in getting rid of the bedbugs. She has knowledge of other residents in suites on different floors who also have bedbugs.

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