2377 Lake Shore Blvd W
Toronto, ON M8V

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The landlords (pigs) of the building had them and never told anyone his gay helper who lives on the 4th floor knew it to and sprayed his own also,iam still living in this dump,till after xmas and I'm gone lots of people have left this location and new people that move in are not told its histroy.its also former pill dealer who works in 206 and a crack dealer who lives in 404,so if your smart and see a for rent sing in this place keep walking don't waste your time,the family who runs it are not a

ll there and its a bad place to have little girls cause the son is a former sex offender along with the nabours...

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There are no bedbugs in this building if there was it must be the people who moved in who brought them in..so don't listen to these adds....

dont you mean bed bugs. and yes they did have them and now other aparments have them and the tentents have to pay for it themselves these people are just like hellen with a cap HELL lol my friend used to live in 106 and the landlord did nothing to help her....her mail was going missing and a few tentents caught them looking in her mailbox time after time ...i think its a good idea to shut this hell hole down and turn it into a lot for new cleaner condos....and cleaner people

hello there i herd this is why i moved out that the new caretakers of the building the russels had beg bus and did not notify the rest of the aparments i seen them move there stuff into empty aparments and when they are done spraying in there own move back and dont tell anyone about the other aparments and they say that we have to pay for it...nothing gets done there is mice cocroaches and everything.i have friends with kids and i dont want them to get sick this is a non going problem and someth

ing has to be done about it....

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This building , 2377 Lake Shore Boulevard West , is the site of a former crack house in Apt 102.

Apt 102 has not been fumigated and is probably going to be a source of bed bugs until they do fumigate it.

The landlord in the building is named Helen and will tell tenants that they have to pay for 50% of the spray cost.

She is wrong.

Check the Landlord Tenant Board and you will see that the landlord is responsible for safety and health concerns in the building. Bed bugs are a health con


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Call the Toronto Public Health and ask to speak to an inspector regarding bedbugs. Toronto Public Health has a bedbug Action Committee, so make sure the inspector you speak with is up-to-speed on their internal initiatives.

Bedbugs are a pest problem and it is the responsibility of the landlord to control pest problems. The Residential Tenancies Act make no specific mention of bedbugs and says nothing about a 50/50 split.

Landlord may argue that a tenant is responsible for something and

attempt to charge but it is impossible to prove where bedbugs come from. I am not a lawyer. FYI - If you call the Ministry of Housing for info, do not necessarily rely on what they say. They, themselves, are not very well informed about bedbugs.

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In the first week of October my partner broke out in what he thought were hives from an allergic reaction.

His family doctor raised the possibility of bed bug bites.

One evening ,sitting I my computer ,nowhere near the bed , I noticed 3 small bites on my arm.

I later looked through my desk and found a small ,apple seed sized , brown bug.

"Googling" this bug led me to learn that it is was a bed bug.

I went to the bed and lifted the pillow up to start looking for more of them. Right

there, under the pillow was another bed bug.

We advised the superintendant of bed bugs in our apt. and she advised that we are responsible for covering half of the cost.

Is this standard?

Doesn't the Landlord Tenant Act require landlords to cover pest control.

We have lived in this building for 3 years and DEFINATELY did not bring these bugs in.

The super admits that they are having them in other apartments.

What is your experience with the LAndlord Tenant Board?

Please advise.

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