2361 Lake Shore Blvd W
Toronto, ON M8V

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very impolite management especially mr Mike, they never clean the hallways full of bed bugs, cockroaches, mice and i have realy bad experience in this place any time you want o need something and you go to the office mike send you back and he said is going to call you and never does right now i have a big problem because i want to move and i gave them my notice more than two monts before ,and mike said yes and wen i remain him my deposit for the last month he said must be by written and now he w

ant one month more of my many .some body must stop them.

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Horrible management, cockroaches, bed bugs and mice. This place needs to be seriously looked at by the city. There is garbage and debris all around the building.

The management sends exterminators, but the whole place needs to be done, not just one unit at a time.

City of Toronto audit. Don't live here.

Spotted bedbugs in the Month of August 2010. 3 live bugs spotted on bed. When I examined the mattress I found more remnants and eggs. I used a pro grade pesticide on mattress, box spring and baseboards etc, then covered mattress in plastic. They may have come back as I spotted some bite marks on my back on Aug 18th...

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