2355 Lake Shore Blvd W
Toronto, ON M8V

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Jen Murray
63 Maple St
Norwood, MA 02062-2160
United States
[email protected]

This woman is a scam artist, a thief, and a psychopath. Avoid her and her scam business if you don't want to get ripped off! She owes me $2500!

Regarding Anonymous' post on 05/13/2015. The report shows all violations have been addressed; they are marked as "Closed".

I'm not affiliated with super or the management company; the inaccurate information just needed to be corrected.

in 2355 the building I saw a ghost. doors opened fear, fled fear

the person who is the new super did not knock on every door cause mine was never knocked on either were two others on the sixth floor the supers name is now alex used to be sherman before that sandra there has been bed bugs there and i see the pest control car there all the time . she has not knocked on everyones door the building was sold this year by mr diamond . getting things on time and promptly like end of the year tax forms from them is months after its due to get things fixed properly t

he first time also an issue.bed bugs cockaroaches these are real issues there let alone mice now this year they put traps in the kitchen sinks to fix the issue.listen to the people who live there not those who work an they premote the buliding numbers can be givin by those that actually live there not the management as u see the theme is they say it is great raise rent and complaints keep happening . email [email protected] for real accounts have five other tennits tennits that are happy to say the truth about the building

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City of Toronto audit for this building shows a lot of violations. Dont live here.

Hello everyone, I am the new superintendent at 2377 Lake Shore Blvd West as of March 1st, 2015.

I have read all of the below comments and complaints about the property and this all sounds very grievous indeed. I took it upon myself to knock on every door in the building and inquire about the bedbug infestation. I was VERY relieved to hear that not a single unit has bedbugs or bird mites anymore. I also asked everyone to come to me about any pest related issues immediately in the future, so t

hat I can act quickly in removing them. Furthermore, we are currently with Rentokil(a pest control company) and they come once a month to check the common areas for signs of pests.

In regards to the building not having a snow removal company to deal with the parking lot, I am currently in discussions with management to rectify the issue for next winter.

Please email me if you have any question regarding the property.

Andrea Waverchuck
[email protected]

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I just moved it. Saw a bug on wall got parparanoid and googled this place. Im hearing about bedbugs. I just checked this bed and dont see any but im super paranoid now. Its almost march 2015. Can anyone tell me if theyre still having bedbug issues thanks. I want my money back if their is. Havent signed anything.

No snow removal in the parking lot for this building and the two buildings beside it with the same property manager. You will fall walking to the garbage or cars. They don't care.

There is no heat in this building during the winter, I am writing this in Dec 2014

Bird mites were never present, the stress brought on by lack of sleep and the bed bug infestation and many roaches may have caused me to overreact. Managment did however react immediatley to the bed bugs, but so far to no avail. I strongly reccomend not moving here anyways, due to the fact that only tenants who talk to managment get treated

So I reported the last comment, but wanted to add that in addition to bedbugs, there are bird mites do not ever move here, or you will contemplate suicide, if not for constant crawling feelings, or you pets health, then for the amount of money you will need to keep these pests away(which isnt easy and unlikely)

I have lived here over a month now, and we are infested with bed bugs. when moving here management lied and told us they never had the problem! Not cool at all. But acting fast t hey called the exterminator. We have to pay for storage bags and caulking etc, so far gonna be expensive and i dont have that kind of money. Dont move here!

I moved in about two weeks ago(june 1st 2012), i have an air mattress and still i wake up with small bites on my back, inner thighs and arms. The second or third day i was cleaning out the bedroom in order to unpack and noticed a bed bug on the wall. When i smooshed it, it exploded all over the wall. It was the only one i saw but the bites on myself and brother are telling me its them. I steam cleaned the whole apartment before unpacking as well, and didnt notice bites until a few days after tha

t. I have never had bed bugs before and i am not enjoying the experience. i will tell management today.

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I live here and the bed bugs are out of control. Management eventually sprays individual units when you bother them enough, but that really doesn't do anything since they are all over the building - they come back after a few weeks.. It's disgusting. I will have to move with NOTHING since they are all over the apartment. Worst decision I've ever made was moving here. I'll have lost everything I have ever bought. Cockroaches galore as well. Place should be condemned and destroyed.

um i live there and have not seen any bed bugs ever have been here 14 months i agree the staff here super suck but i really hope you are wrong about the bed bugs how do you know this is true please explaine, thank you.

There are bedbugs everywhere in this building. the first and second floors are infested and the managemnent don't care, lie about it, and do little to fix it. People have had o throw out everything they own and these people in the office don't give a rats ass.

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