20 Garnett Janes Rd
Toronto, ON M8V

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10Garnet also has....I've heard stories and now I have my own problem! They are acting quick to get sprayed by pest control will see in a week what happens!


this building is also co-op housing and as you can see from the comments above it has a bug problem.

My mom and I moved here (I was twenty weeks pregnant)in 2010 and quickly got infested within months of moving here (we had just moved from another infested place but we got the place sprayed and after we moved didn't see another bedbug for a few months0.Last summer they came to spray and we were supposed to be out over night but when we returned the next day there was a notice saying that we were to leave for a week for further sprayings.We left for the week but they didn't come back in that tim

e to spray.We had to get Public Health involved but everytime we were supposed to beable to come back they said they needed to do further sprayings.We ended up having to stay at the hotel for an entire month and had to borrow $3000 off of my grandparents.It was hell and we are still as infested as we were before the sprayings.The Building manager also won't let us into the office to pay rent or to talk to him about anything or ele he threatens to put a restraining order on us

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This building is completely infested and has been since 2008

I called the management in my building. At first they sprayed and then they made me pay for the second spraying. I still have bed bugs.

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