170 Islington Ave
Toronto, ON M8V

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This building is horrible. Do not rent here.
We moved in 9 months ago and were a little weirded out by the dingy hallways and weird smell. I will list a few of the problems we have encountered.

- cockroaches : on headboards, kitchen, floor, walls, ceiling and windows. Treatment took place but we still continued to see them.

- pigeons: the apartment we live in faces another building. This provides shelter for pigeons. They live on our window ledge and moan/coo all night long. There was n

o screen in our living room window when we moved in. We didnt think anything of it until one morning we woke up with 2 pigeons in our apertment!! (We were told to get rid of them ourselves)

- mice- everynight we hear mice crawling in the ceiling. Had mice treatment and the maintance guys put in 4 cockroach boxes....

Bedbugs- this building is infested with BB. Do not move in here. You will get bed bugs. They spray one apartment and the bugs just move to the next apartment. The exterminator said they are coming from the apartment above us. Paid alot or money to have clothes laundered and were told by management we are not getting any compensation.

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Can anyone confirm if this is still a problem? Moving in soon and nervous. Asked rental office ladies about pests problems and they denied any and said apartments are regularly sprayed. does 148 (sister building) have bugs too?

I moved into this complex about 2 and a half months ago with my boyfriend and his room mate and I'm not quite even sure where to begin to explain how awful this place is.
It was explained to me that the place was sprayed and there would be no problems with pests of any kind, however my boyfriend had complained of seeing mice prior to me moving in and we've caught about 3 since I got here. Not to mention, they're still managing to get in.
Another problem which started maybe a month after I move

d in was the presence of cockroaches in both the kitchen and bathroom. We kill at least 5 or 6 a night and we don't even like going into the kitchen without shoes on.
However if mice and roaches weren't enough... In the past week, I've woken up every morning eaten alive. Yes, turns out we also have bed bugs.
The worst part is, we literally can't do anything about this. We've complained several times and the landlord does nothing. Apparently it's our fault, and to get anything done we have to pay for it out of our own pockets. Seeing as we're both students, this is an impossibility.
We're lucky enough to have found a new place but in closing: this is a disgusting, pest-ridden building in a crappy neighbourhood with a horrible landlord. Not to mention the leases are full of illegalities and human rights issues. If planning on moving into the area, this place should be a last resort...

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So I moved into a basement Bachelors Apartment at 170 Islington in the beginning of September 2011. Its more June of the following year and I have no clue what was going through my head when I signed the lease.
For the first few months, the apartment was fine. But come to think of it, The cold weather was "helping". By the time March 2012 rolled around, there were more and more bug appearances each day. As of now, I have mice eating my roommates pet food (they have chewed through a drawe

r), cockroaches in both the kitchen and bathroom (and sometimes laundry), and worst of all, Bedbugs. and worst of all theres nothing I can do to get rid of them.
I spoke with my landlord when the pest concerns first started, and she assured me that it would be felt with, but she failed to tell me from my own pocket. Thats right, because the apartment was "Bug Free" when I moved it, its my fault the are now everywhere and therefore I must pay for an exterminator.
I have already found a new place, far from this garbage dump. A word of advice; Just because its close to where you need to go, and just because its cheap on rent doesn't mean shit. Shit is what this apartments worth.

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I moved into this apartment complex six months ago and I can tell you the place is riddled with bedbugs and cockroaches! As i am writing I four live bedbugs waiting to take to the office tomorrow or any reporting office.

Was considering taking a rental apartment in the building and went to view a vacant apartment. The superintendent walked in and turned on the lights and the kitchen was literally covered with cockroaches. Looked in the bathroom and the tub was crawling with bed bugs. Gross! Whoever was moving into that unit the next day was in for a big surprise.

full of bed bugs when i was there i had to get rid of all my stuff because of this and i told the building about this and they did nothing

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