14th St
Toronto, ON M8V

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Does anyone know if this place still has a problem? I am viewing a unit in this building tomorrow. I have already went through hell dealing with bed bugs in the past, and I do not want to go through it again.


Two apartment buildings, 18 & 20 Fourteenth street.
Do not let looks deceive you! They are newly renovating and currently renting the units of these buildings to make them look clean, new and trendy to students, but what lies in the foundation and in other unfinished occupied units are bedbugs, cockroaches and mice that they are fully aware of but will not tell you! The bedbugs and cockroaches found us on our 9th day of moving in, and when we reported them to the company with hundreds of bites

as evidence they did not look surprised or sympathetic at all and they did not take any action! they wouldn't even return or answer any of our phonecalls! We are now going thorough a horror story as they did not reimburse us for anything, last months rent, the first month or anything that we had to throw out! So I am hoping posting it on here will stop from new tenants falling in the same trap that we have. The apartments and the company are trying to mask themselves as clean and professional but they are nothing close!

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