148 Islington Ave
Toronto, ON M8V

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I'm so relieved that I was able to read the feed back on this building. I inquired about this rental only this weekend for my sister.

I would've never been able to live with myself had I moved her there.

Thanks feedback is so good I'll keep searching for a suitable rental for her.

What I can't understand is that properties like these are allowed a percentage for a yearly increase, this is greed. And, where are the health inspectors were they part of all the cutbacks?? The woman who sadl

y lost her limbs to tick bites maybe we should all come together and do petitions to Parliament, then file Law Suits, that should wake them all up. The Minister of Housing should take some responsibility, and shut them down if the buildings are not fit for habitat. I can't imagine a baby being exposed to this, it's so absurd, disgusting. Why an influx of new immigrants if you don't have decent housing for your own.

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I lived here in the late 90's I was a young mom this place was horrible then and seems to still be just has bad. Mice and roaches where the problems then . I moved to more then one unit back then with nowhere else to go. Finally I found a mouse under my baby and I picked her up packed what I could carry and never came back.
This place preys on low income, new comers and people that may have little options. It's so sad that places like this can continue to rent units and make money.
There are

other places that' may cost a bit more but your family will be better off.

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Blaming the infestation on the cleanliness of others is a total crock. Yes, hoarding and unclean living habits attracts pests, but the degree of infestation in this building is not the fault of the tenants. It is pure laziness and neglect on the part of the landlord (Caprent) and its representatives. They are fully aware of the problems but they refuse to do anything about them. Oh, if you bug them enough they'll spray your apartment. Not good enough. The entire building needs to be treated and

the apartments need to be repaired and sealed up so that pests do not travel from unit to unit.

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November, 2014. I am a tenant of the unit 309, I've been living here since 2010. There is a cockroach and bed bugs infestation spreading so badly in the entire building, and since I understand that it has do a lot with cleaning habits of every individual, i also think the administration hasn't done enough to exterminate the pest for good. The administration office is also renting and showing a unit which is the origin of the roaches and still infested. How can you rent that place without solvin

g this problem that is affecting all the neighbours around, knowing that it can get worst? On top of that I see that the cleaning conditions of the building are very poor. In the 4 years I've been living here I never had this problem, I never saw roaches so now it's out of control and I don't see that proper actions are being taken. My sister -who i live with- is pregnant expecting a baby in the next week, we don't feel safe here anymore, besides the money I've been spending in baits, traps, etc, no matter what I try to do to keep my unit free of roaches if the main problem is not solved from the root. Neighbours are also part of this issue.

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This seemed perfect at first. Great price, close to my college. But while cleaning up after all mine and my roomates belongings where dropped off we found dead bed bugs and roaches on the floor. Thinking and praying that was it and we would be fine. We set up our beds, and started getting settled, around 8-9pm I heard my roomates scream and ran over to see what happened, her walls were alive with bed bugs, soon enough my room was too, we stayed up all night killing them taking turns resting, I h

ad bites the next day from one that managed to get in my bed while I laid down, these bites are painful afterwards and itchy as all sin. It traumatized me and my roomates. The very next day we left eeverything we owned there, one of my roomates travelled back home with is over 5 hours away, missing school. So did I and my other roomate, we went 3 hours to my mom's. We are still suffering because of this and my roomate had to drop out of school, we had to trasfer to another campus and it was so hard finding a new place. So PLEASE, even though they are nice on the phone, they will laugh in your face once you sign that lease. Trust me... Find somewhere else.

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Run, don't walk away. This building has a severe pest problem. It is a revolving door when it comes to tenants and it's no wonder why. The rental office people seem very nice amd pleasant but they lie to your face if you ask if there are bug problems in the unit you are viewing and the building itself. Roaches are spotted everyday, in broad daylight, on doors, scurrying across the floor, you name it. The first day I moved in there were roaches all over the outside of my front door!

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