Coe Hill Dr
Toronto, ON M6S

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Today is August 2012 and we have bedbugs in our apartment at 101 Coe Hill Dr.

Remember - 101 Coe Hill Dr!!!

Once we mentioned bites we went to the Internet and discovered a new world of bedbugs with all the signs, treatments and so on we never new before. We reported it to management. Just to let you know recently we discovered from our super that there was already infestation and treatment in one of our building's apartment 2 years ago. But despite that fact our management came for inspec

tion to our apartment (we were not at home at this time, but agreed their entrance) and as report says they did not find any signs of bed bugs!!! Only after we brought some bed bugs from our apartment they are starting extermination now. Management activity is very low, delayed responses, ignorance in this particular situation. I assume they are going to treat only bedroom, they will not inform my neighbors, they will try to make us pay for extermination next time if they will be able to prove it is our fault.

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