2188 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M6S

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Dear "Anonymous 11/16," just because you don't personally have bedbugs doesn't mean PO'ed's experience is not legitimate or "made up." I live in a beautifully managed building downtown and there are still some reports of bedbug infestations in my building (fortunately, not in my unit - yet...).

You are absolutely right that no site should be used as revenge, but if you do even just a little bit of research on the current BB problem in Toronto, it is very widespread and has little to do with

"cleanliness." Obviously, no property manager is going to want to lose tenants by announcing an isolated BB infestation, particularly if they're taking proactive steps to manage the problem. My building's management is excellent and most issues are brought to tenants' attention, but BBs are still a taboo subject - so just because your building management has not yet made any announcements does not invalidate PO'ed's experience.

PO seems to think that you might be management responding to his post. I have no way of knowing if that is the case. You may just a be a long-standing tenant who likes your building and its management, and that is a positive thing for you and your community. But don't automatically assume that someone is making things up when much of Toronto is dealing with this horrible scourge.

I just wished people on this site were a little less defensive and a little less accusatory and realized that we are all in this together and it's a serious problem that needs to be resolved with some serious intervention, be it at the municipal or provincial level. The blame game gets us nowhere. Just my thoughts.

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Anonymous on 11/16/2010, comments are by the management of 2188 Bloor St West, of course deny, deny, deny, no liability, well we'll see about that won't we.

I also live at 2188 Bloor street west, lived here for 9 years I have never come across something so made up!
The building I live in (2188 Bloor st) is clean
"BUG FREE" well kept building, Management is always informing tenants on building issues and attentive to there requirment.
Its unfortunate when people like the person or persons who poated this, to bring themselves to this level by using a website not known to the government of Canada as a reliable source of information regarding b

ed bugs.
"Bed bugs Its a serious 'issue" it should not be used as a weapon against people or businesses' on these so called websites just to get someone you dont agree with back. GROW UP!

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The infestation in the apartment was discovered in Feb./March 2010. Orkin came in to do the spraying on three separate occasions and declared the unit bedbug free. Three weeks later I brought in another company to fumigate the unit and after three separate times of spraying, dusting and fogging the unit was again claimed to be bedbug free, NOT. I called the company back, they said they would come and respray, but for the full fee due to it being a re-infestation. The landlord is in full denial m

ode and has not allowed the other tenants to know of this situation, now the other units in the building are sure to be infested (it has been an ongoing 10 month battle). The re-infestation is coming from other units in the building and the landlord will not do anything about it, period. The company I dealt with said the only way to rid myself of the bugs is to have the units on either side and below fumigated(sprayed, dusted and fogged). Time for me to move, I give up, the landlord wins. Heaven help the new tenant who moves in.

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