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I use to live here and the people who run this building are slum lords. Isabel and Raul are the biggest liars they tell you they have called someone to fix this or do that but they do nothing. They want you to move because they get money from new tenants as a commission but only when you move in from first and last. So they do nothing to spray for bedbugs or roach magical pest control is a joke I think they are spraying the apartments with Viagra so they breed more because I had my unit sprayed

4 times in 8 months and it didn't do shit. Don't bother complaining to Pedro(regional manger) the perro(dog)(but really a weasel)because he don't care because he gets a cut of the money. So they want you to move why they get anyway with treating everyone like shit and yell at you. If I yelled at my customers the way they yell at the tenants I would be fired so fast. The more people that move out the more commission those gordo puercos get. So don't bother crying to them your wasting your time got to go higher maybe the vp of operations or the president of the company because the management don't care how much blood the bedbugs suck from you because they are sucking your bank account dry. If you live here I feel sorry for you its like living in a prison now and Raul is the sleazy warden. The happiest day for was where I got out of this hell hole floors 2-7 are infested with bedbugs I know because I talk to the pest control guy all the time the problem he says is that to solve the problem is to spray the whole building top to bottom but that will never happen because these slum lords are to cheap for that.

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I lived in this building for over a year and a half and the cockroaches are a chronic problem. the super will spray but they always come back. eventually I had to move because the infestation was so bad. this was on the 8th floor. not to mention some of the tenants that live in the building are pretty shaddy and people let their dogs urinate and defecate in the stair wells.

I am an exceptionally clean person and never had problems with bed bugs, however I had problems with cockroaches and sugar ants. I recently moved out due to the lack of security and up keep in the building.

Over the past year there have been an increasing amount of break-ins. There are always people loitering around the entrances waiting for someone to open the door so they can get it. If you don't let them in they will become verbally and/or physically abusive.

If you need any type of re

pair or maintenance in your unit be prepared to wait for MONTHS! While living there just shy of 2 years I had 2 major floods, one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. While the bathroom was being repaired I had the water shut off to my unit for more then 72 hours and the landlords refused to put me in a hotel or other until that had running water. It took over 7 months to repair it. During that time I had no floor in my living/dining area, no kitchen cabinets or sink. However I did have a giant gaping hole in the wall that wasn't sealed properly. When the repairs were finally taking place I had to make sure I was home so that they did things properly. Many times the landlord wouldn't even give notice that they would be entering the unit, which is illegal. When I moved out there were still repairs to the kitchen that had not been completed.

Now for the landlords them selves. Office hours mean nothing to them. When they do decide to show up they basically run a daycare for their screaming child and can barely speak English to communicate with the tenants. There is a constance revolving door of cleaning/maintenance workers. When they put the elevator on service for me to move out their exact words were 'Good for you for getting out of this building'. If the people who work there can't stand it, it's no wonder the good tenants are fleeing the building.

Last but not least, RUN AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING!!! Don't waste your time or money.

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previous anon is the pedo landlord

It's a shame that people who just want to cause damage speak bad of the building where we live. Our building is kept clean, we are many people who live in this place for many years, I live in my apartment for more than 36 years and my apartment kept clean. I never had bed bugs or cockroaches. There are people who maintain poor hygiene and then want to come to this website to review, first thing to do is clean their apartments. That last comment is false and is painful to see how people try to ma

ke responsible for their poor hygiene to the tenants of this building or the managers. Those people will have bed bug or cockroaches in the place where they live forever.

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Latest report, floors 3-6, are infected, when people are bringing in used infected furniture that has been thrown out. I'd give four months, and this entire building will be infected and people will have to evacuate. Head for the hills! And all this lice and cockroaches. Never ends around here.

I am a resident of this building for the past 36 years and believe me I've never had bed bug. managers who are working right now in the building are serious and help to everybody. The conditions have greatly improved. If you really have bed bug problems go to the office to ensure implementation of treatment, take action to prevent pollution and not waste your time writing something that nobody will solve it on the internet. If you go to the rental office they will help you. Find the solution. It

is not good trying to create a bad reference to the place where you live when it is not real

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If management refuses to do anything about the infestation, withhold your rent until they do. It's legal to do so when it comes to having reasonable comfort in your home. If enough people do this, management will eventually do something about the problem.

Moved in on October 2014, reacted to bites very badly and then while sleeping I saw out of the corner of my eye a bug crawling along my air mattress. Took it in a tissue down to management, it was unmistakably a bed bug. They put me down for spraying and followed up two weeks later and then a couple of months in in the new year for upkeep. Didn't have any more issues through out the winter and spring. But just three days ago my boyfriend got several bites on his stomach and during the evening ye

sterday I had two bites swell up around my calves and ankles, in the morning I woke up with 5 more bites on my feet. Terrible. I hate to be dealing with the stress and upkeep of this situation again.

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I am living in the building for more than 30 years, there isn't bed bug. pest Control company come to our building weekly if you do the report for roaches, bed bug or something the manager send you the notice and apply the treatment. This is quiet and clean building and the new managers help to every body.

This building is polluted with bed bugs and cockroaches. I saw this tenant get off the elevator yesterday, who was infected with scabs and bed bug bites, and stunk like hell. There's a tenant on the 22nd floor, who as well is being eating alive by bedbugs. When it rains, water comes through the walls, and forget repair. you put a work order in, they sit on it, until new owners take over, then you're told to submit another work order. If you don't want to throw your furniture in the garbage,

avoid 55 triller. I'm looking.

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My dad has lived at 55 Triller for about 10 years and in the last 2 years, we have been battling bed bugs.

One day, I found 4 bedbugs under my dads pillow. Have no idea how they got there, or how long. We were surprised, as we had not seen them before.

Now, I don't know how the new landlord is... I think much better than Cora and the other guy...

BUT They have sprayed twice, and after the second time, I still found live bedbugs in the bathroom.

So I don't know if they are doing it r

ight or what...but the building is infested i'm sure.

Beware before you rent, as they are charging 841 for a bachelor... I think thats way too much, especially when there are cockroaches and bed bugs. I think they must live under the floors, as it is hard to conquer them.

Advice? Vaccuum frequently, check bed frequently, but the best idea is to get the heck outta there.

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My dad has lived at 55 Triller for about 10 years and in the last 2 years, we have been battling bed bugs.

One day, I found 4 bedbugs under my dads pillow. Have no idea how they got there, or how long. We were surprised, as we had not seen them before.

Now, I don't know how the new landlord is... I think much better than Cora and the other guy...

BUT They have sprayed twice, and after the second time, I still found live bedbugs in the bathroom.

So I don't know if they are doing it r

ight or what...but the building is infested i'm sure.

Beware before you rent, as they are charging 841 for a bachelor... I think thats way too much, especially when there are cockroaches and bed bugs. I think they must live under the floors, as it is hard to conquer them.

Advice? Vaccuum frequently, check bed frequently, but the best idea is to get the heck outta there.

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My dad has lived at 55 Triller for about 10 years and in the last 2 years, we have been battling bed bugs.

One day, I found 4 bedbugs under my dads pillow. Have no idea how they got there, or how long. We were surprised, as we had not seen them before.

Now, I don't know how the new landlord is... I think much better than Cora and the other guy...

BUT They have sprayed twice, and after the second time, I still found live bedbugs in the bathroom.

So I don't know if they are doing it r

ight or what...but the building is infested i'm sure.

Beware before you rent, as they are charging 841 for a bachelor... I think thats way too much, especially when there are cockroaches and bed bugs. I think they must live under the floors, as it is hard to conquer them.

Advice? Vaccuum frequently, check bed frequently, but the best idea is to get the heck outta there.

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Hi all, I worked on 55 Triller as a contractor and inspector for the heating system.
Here are the facts, you are paying cheap rent in an expensive area.
The owners are looking to make a profit so they pay their workers cheap, ie they dont get paid enough to work hard to resolve your issues, for example: calling planning and efficently organizing a exterminator to spray all rooms and exterminate, they miss one room and they are back.

Spend more in rent get better.

I have worked in all t

he Realstar and then the now Q residential and believe me they are all the same.

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The people that work for this building are actually quite honest. I asked about bedbugs and the man showing me around told me they do or did have a situation, but on the lower floors. I'm quite thankful for his honesty and it's a shame cause the apartment I saw was beautiful.

Looking at an apartment today at 55 Triller! Any updates?!

To the gentleman Ross: Date of his posting: 06/18/2012
I beg to differ with your statement about druggies hanging out in the building. This is erroneous. There is no such blatant activity here in this building. In every city and large apartment buildings, there may be some drug users who are discreet but I assure you there is no such activity blatant in our building.

Our office management, Cora and her partner Draper along with their very polite assistants are doing their utmost to run this

building properly. They are always there to help each tenant in any possible way who may have an issue regarding the building and their accommodations.

Granted every building in the City of Toronto has some problems, some more serious than others.

There has been a great amount of work that has been executed over the past several years to bring this building up to standards. It is a daily and yearly progression. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Granted, there are some problems like bedbugs and cockroaches throughout the building but as any sensible person knows, this is not a problem that is specific to only this building in the City of Toronto. Many homes and dwellings in the City of Toronto have such similar problems. The bedbug problem is rampant throughout our city. Next to New York, Toronto is one of the hardest hit cities for this problem. Such vermin travels in suitcases, especially when business people stay in hotels.

One cannot always blame the wrongs of the building on our office staff. I commend them for their great work in trying to run this building professionally.


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To the gentleman Ross: Date of his posting: 06/18/2012
I beg to differ with your statement about druggies hanging out in the building. This is erroneous. There is no such blatant activity here in this building. In every city and large apartment buildings, there may be some drug users who are discreet but I assure you there is no such activity blatant in our building.

Our office management, Cora and her partner Draper along with their very polite assistants are doing their utmost to run this

building properly. They are always there to help each tenant in any possible way who may have an issue regarding the building and their accommodations.

Granted every building in the City of Toronto has some problems, some more serious than others.

There has been a great amount of work that has been executed over the past several years to bring this building up to standards. It is a daily and yearly progression. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Granted, there are some problems like bedbugs and cockroaches throughout the building but as any sensible person knows, this is not a problem that is specific to only this building in the City of Toronto. Many homes and dwellings in the City of Toronto have such similar problems. The bedbug problem is rampant throughout our city. Next to New York, Toronto is one of the hardest hit cities for this problem. Such vermin travels in suitcases, especially when business people stay in hotels.

One cannot always blame the wrongs of the building on our office staff. I commend them for their great work in trying to run this building professionally.


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Yesterday I went to see an apartment there. I couldn't believe my eye what I saw. Real hell hole. Druggies all over the place in the building. smell... Dogs..3 in a bachelor=normal.Funny part of the whole thing was the rent.825 + hydro(their site says 700 incl.) for a bachelor..I literary started to laugh when heard. They have done some touch ups here and there and trying to sell it.

For the person who asked for an update. The rental rates have increased, for what you will pay...run and never look back. Great location, but a slum building, I don't turn the lights off in my kitchen/dining room unit for fear of roaches, and I am a VERY clean person, I've had them crawl on me while sitting on my couch, or dart out when I open my cupboard. my dishes are done daily, garbage taken out nightly. You'll be fine, but then they'll spray a unit near you and your unit will be full again.

I also have a problem with mice and ive heard some people say that they've experienced bed bugs. I find droppings on my counter and behind my couch. I plan to leave this spring/summer. Building offers great views, great location, but again...I doubt you really want to pay 1200+ for those conditions.

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Any updates?

I'm thinking about moving in there.


I have been reading some of the more current comments by tenants of 55 Triller Ave.

First of all I would like to say bedbug problems or any other insect problem in this building is a common nowadays occurrence throughout the city of Toronto. Toronto is one of the worst hit cities with the bedbug issue.

People should not throw racial comments around due to frustration. This is a very unethical and incorrect approach to solving problems.

Let us no

t attack Cheri, our superintendent since several years! She is always very professional, pleasant and always tries to please everyone. She is always very accommodating and tries to do her job as best as possible in the adversity of the problems in our building and attitudes of some mean tenants in our building.

Cheri cannot solve every problem that we face in our building but I certainly can attest that she is a very professional and pleasant person with whom to interact. Unfortunately the elevator problem is clearly not Cheri's problem. This problem is the fault of the manager and owners of the building. From speaking with a professional regarding this elevator, I was informed that to change this elevator can run close to a million dollars for labor and a new installation. This elevator existing in this defunct state is the fault of Realstar, not Cheri, the superintendent. So when we address issues let's do it in a mature and sensible way.

Good luck Cheri! I compliment you and wish you success in your very demanding job. Signed, John

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To the man with 2 apartments...Did you tell management you were still having a problem after these treatments? Did you follow the instructions given to you regarding your preparations? Was the manager just honest with you about the problem that is covering every major city in North America? Have you asked the manager if they are still having a problem? If they are not and you are, maybe you've missed something. Talk to the manager. I know she doesn't want the problem to get worse, but she also i

sn't mind reader. If you are still having a problem she needs to be informed.

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@Happy on the 8th.

Hi Mr. Happy on the 8th. Either you are hypnotized or you are the lucky one till now. Bed bugs problem is something not related to who you are. If that is the case, you will be the first person to get infected, given your attitude. If you are that affluent and ready to pay higher rent to avoid those so called "dirty immigrants", then its time for you to move to a house or condo and stop poking your nose around the immigrant areas. The fact that you still live in this buildi

ng is an indicator that you have no choice but to be among those you accused of bringing the bugs.

We have a cause here. If you are not joining, then at least stop accusing blindly. If you cannot help the cause, then at least stop posting your filthy racial remarks.

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First bed bug, then roaches, then mice and now spiders. Yes, I had faced all these bugs in this building. I have an extended family and rented another apartment in the same building. The new apartment occupant left abruptly and I took it on the words of the landlord that it has no bug problem. Three months after, I started seeing bugs all over. My young kids were bitten and they had to go to school with those red bumps. I went to management with sample bugs I collected and several times, they re

sponded with some treatment. It didn't work at all. I had to throw all my beds and now using inflated plastic beds which are harder to get infested. Bug problems seems to have gone since I started using pumped synthetic beds.

Now I started spotting spiders. Once a small spider appeared right next to my infant baby. Then on 19th June, I spotted even bigger , surprisingly big spider on the wall. I have no idea how poisonous these insects could be.

This new management is a big mess. This new lady claims that her apartment too is infested with bugs when we complain of bed bugs. What a way to calm us down !. I think she is too young to take the management role. It appears to me that she is more often than not, frustrated with her world than dealing with our issues. I caught her making mistakes in calculating my rent twice and instead of saying sorry, she passes the bug to senior management and never takes responsibility. She was rude at times also.

Then with the lift. Morning, minimum 15 minutes wait time to get the life. If you are using wheel chair, you don't have option to climb down the stairs. I missed my kid's school bus once, waiting for the lift for me to get down. That middle lift is defunct for now over a year.

I still have difficulty moving out as I have some commitment around this area. But I just want every one to know that this building has issues beyond the control of the management. The best to find solutions is form a tenant association and make our voice heard in great numbers.

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You people have to be living in a different building than I do. I have lived at 55 Triller for almost 3 years. I have had no bedbugs although they did come and spray once as a precaution. I haven't seen a cockroach in 6 months. You have to be an idiot to think that bedbugs shut down the elevator. Reaally!!!The only reason for the elevator being down for so long is that the building owner refuses to pay to have them refurbised and the city pulled the license on the middle one unitl satisfactory r

epairs could be made. Any problems that I have had have been dealt with imediately. Last week i had a problem and it was 30 minutes from the time I filled out the work order until the time it was fixed. I was impressed. The posts on this site are unreliable. Anyone who gets evected for not paying rent can come on this site and leave a false bed bug report. If this building is so bad then move. I'm hoping the higher rents that they are asking will bring in a better tenant then the dirty imigrants that we have here now. mABE THAT WILL SOLVE THE BEDBUG PROBLEM TOO.

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I have long known of the bedbug problem here, among innumerable other problems, like cockroaches, horrid elevators and such, that we still have. I have set up a Facebook page today if you do a search for "55 Triller Avenue" (choose the one with the picture) and an email: [email protected] The owners are now attempting to raise rents well above the guidelines, which I'm furious about as all I have had since moving in here, is problems and being consistently inconvenienced with shut down wat

er etc. etc. etc. I'll be handing out a letter to each apartment regarding this facebook page and email so that we may all be able to share information regarding this apartment.

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I have long known of the bedbug problem here, among innumerable other problems, like cockroaches, horrid elevators and such, that we still have. I have set up a Facebook page today if you do a search for "55 Triller Avenue" (choose the one with the picture) and an email: [email protected] The owners are now attempting to raise rents well above the guidelines, which I'm furious about as all I have had since moving in here, is problems and being consistently inconvenienced with shut down wat

er etc. etc. etc. I'll be handing out a letter to each apartment regarding this facebook page and email so that we may all be able to share information regarding this apartment.

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It's Saturday, June 11. This is a 23 storey building with 12 units on each floor. Apparently the bedbug swarms are so bad that their nests have knocked out 2 of the 3 elevators (1 permanently out of service for the past year, the second only for the past couple of days)! Management seems to care little about either broken elevators or bedbugs. I've found that talcum powder has worked against these nasty critters for the past year... sprinkled each night around edges of my matress, after older ma

tress had to be thrown out last fall. I wish talcum powder would also work on the landord... whose thirst for money is comparable to bedbugs' bloodlust, but unfortunately feeds on us much more frequently. The manager is a nice young lady, but her blind loyalty to her employers - who've just hung her out to dry while they line their pockets - is misplaced to say the least.

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It's Parkdale and really unavoidable if you decide to live anywhere downtown, especially in an older building. I've lived at Triller for several years and I've encountered them once in 2009. Mgt is very helpful and if you look after the problem the first time, highly unlikely they'll repeat. The bulding is one of the nicer, cleaner ones in the area, so 250 + units in here and maybe 20 valid reports over 3 years - rather low for the area. Part of the problem is that unfortunately, some resident

s maybe choose to do nothing about it.

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Well if you think that you don't have a problem at 55 Triller then you are mistaken. Yes, the management for this building will be helpful and schedule an exterminator to come in. And the fact that some people have to have it done more then once just shows that the problem will not go away.

If you know anything about bed bugs you should know that they can hibernate for nearly a year without feeding. They can hide in almost anything from beds, any material, wood and even metal pipes. I am s

ure that Cheri has issues as well, she just might not see it or have the same reaction that some people will have from their bite. Many people think that calling these exterminators in will kill their problem. Not True! The only thing that kills bed bugs are extremely hot oven roasting heat. The only thing they can do for you is one of two options;
1. spray an invisible toxin and hope that these buggers jump into it and there for can't reproduce. So they initially are still living and can live a long life eating away at you.
2. Lay down a powder that works exactly the same.

The laws have change on how we can exterminate bedbugs and cockroaches hence the reason why there is an epidemic in toronto.

Cheri is a good person stuck in a situation where she is doing what is legally right but the laws on that need to change.

People should be aware that when you move from this building and you take your furniture and your clothes and your life, you will absolutely take there critters with you. You may not see them in the first couple of weeks or even months but they will eventually comeout for a feeding and you will have to deal with it all over again.

Godd Luck to you all at 55 Triller Avenue.

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Ya, you guys are totally justified in coming down so hard on Cheri, as I'm sure she personally ensured that your units were infested with bed bugs and roaches. Amazing that how in a building that is horribly infested with bugs that Cheri's unit seems to remain immune...*please note the sarcasm*

I have had bug issues living here, a few times... BUT I told Cheri and within days I was able to have my apartment sprayed with proper notice given as so I could arrange over night accomodations. And m

ay I just say probabaly not 10 mins goes by between the time I call to Cheri to let her know there is an issue, and the time I recieve notice telling me when I can expect a service to come spray. This isn't a issue management is taking lightly.

I can say with full certainty that you will find asking Cheri to schedule your apartment to be sprayed and following standard maintainence procedures far more effective in solving your problem as opposed to misdirecting your anger on the internet.

If you are looking for a building with no bugs, DO NOT move in this building...there are bedbugs, roaches and rodents. I have had all three make visits to my apartment at some point during the 11 months I have lived here, however the problem has been minimal and manageable. My furniture has not been ruined and I have not had to throw anything out.
On a side note, you should also consider looking somewhere that isn't Parkdale if you don't want to deal with bugs. Parkdale is bug central.

The staff here are lovely and diligent and the bugs are not their fault. And if they stay on top of this problem the way they have been I'm sure there will be less and less reports.

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I just finished reading all of the reviews for this building. I understand why people would be upset if they had to deal with this problem in their home where we all want to feel safe. I have lived here for 4 years now. I just wanted to say that I find the management to be quite pleasant, and quick to respond to any concerns or requests that I have had. Thank you to Cherie, and your team for maintaining the building to the best of your abilities and making Parkside Place a nice place to live


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My fiance and I moved in 2009 October. We moved into the building because of the beautiful view and affordable price. We found dead bugs when we first moved in and had to do a throrough clean up before any of our very expensive furniture was placed into the apartment. We flat out asked if they ever had a bug issue in the apartment and or building and of course was lied to. The super at the time told us teh tenants taht lived there prior left due to weird smells from the vents in the kitchen

stating that tehy didn't liek the smell of other peoples cooking since the vents were connected.. We were continuously lied to through out our whole stay there...... the balconies were constanlty being worked on. We couldn't open our windows as bugs from out side were getting into the aprtment. We had to hire a seperate company to come and clean off all the bird droppings from the balcony so we could enjoy it. the windows were rotting away therefore made it freezing. They ripped out the windows in the bedrooms to replace them but had to rip the walls down as well as tehy were falling apart and rotten. Then the guy didn't come back for weeks.......... leaving the wall completely opened......... when I heard of teh 18th floor being infested I asked Cheerie and she told me it was only one apartment and I shouldn't worry. Then I had a neighbour from underneath me tell me how she was gettiung eaten alive by something.......... then another nighbour underneath and across said teh same of his wife..............and I started getting eaten alive in my sleep to the point where it got embarassing to have to explain the welts and bumps all over my arms legs and back going to work.....I now have permanent scars all over my body due to the bites.........I didn't sleep well at night and felt as if my concerns were being dismissed...........I went down to the office the day I found out that it was bedbugs that were bitting me and canceled my rent check and moved out in 2 weeks. The sad thing about it was all my savings for a new house had to go into refurnishing my new place since we couldn't risk taking any of our things with us. All we took were the clothes off our backs and that was all ver expensively dry cleaned and washed before we transported them over. ........... It has plagued me to this day. I continuously check my new place to make sure nothing came over with us even though I had thrown all my memories away. I spent a month crying over the lost. Even our things in storage were destroyed as they had a flood in the basement that got into the storage areas........... Cheerie simply looked concerned but not enough obviously to leave that building and not continuously take responsibility for lying to hard working people...........the free rent really must be worth it for her and her hubby and kid...........I guess it won't be a concern for them until it's their child that is being affected by this........... and now I hear they are still lying to people as they legally do not have to tell and they know this.........their tip for us was taht we should have had renters insurance but we have it now and guess what renters insurance DOES NOT cover bedbugs or any other bug infestation............. so how was that going to help us????. You get screwed no matter what!!!.........someone obviously coached these guys well............I would hate to have your job Cheerie........ I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing that what I do and say can ruin someone financially and emotionally.................

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i move into 55 triller on augest in 2010,that is when my nightmare began,me and my brother were eating alive every night ,we lived there for 2 months and got the hell out of there,the nightmare is not over because we have brought them to our new place we threw almost everything out and baged all our clothes and some how still brought them with us,the one thing that pisses me of is the fact that cherrie the landlord knew that the place was infested before we moved in,that takes a pretty sick pers

on to do that,ive threw out thosands of dollers of furnature and clothing,but to her.cherrie that is okay cause she will just find some other sucker to pay 1300 dollers a month and not only is there bed bugs there also most likly bird mits from all the pigeons on the belconys.you can feel them crawling on you 247 but cant see anything,from the research i have done there is bedbugs and birdmits as well as cock roaces and rats and mouses among other thing if you are thinking about moving there dont or your life will become a living hell,and cherrie if you are reading this get yourself another job at another building were you dont have to lye to people to get them into your building cause what you are doing is not right,you are desroying peoples lives,one last thing the goverment needs to start protecting people from situations like this from happening,i had a health inspecter come to my place.she was a nice lady who felt sorry for us but told us there is nothing she could do cause there is no law protecting renters,ive lost thosands and thosands of dollers all becase this building can just keep on renting units infested to unsespecting victims,cherrie if there is a hell i hope you will end up there but you know what i forgive you peace

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I've lived in this building for nearly 3 years.

A few months ago, my upstairs tenant reported to the management that she has bedbugs. She received a "full" treatment for the bugs and the surrounding apartments above, below and beside her received partial treatments. For me, this meant moving all my furniture away from the baseboards and removing the plates to all the electrical outlets. They sprayed around the baseboards and I had to vacate the apartment for 4-6 hours after spraying. I've ha

d no signs of bedbugs.

The current management is being very proactive. Any furniture that is discarded behind the building is destroyed, including slashing any mattresses, couches, etc.

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Should you suspect bedbugs follow these procedures:

Check all your bed lines especially your bed sheaths and pillow cases. The best detectable way to discover bedbugs if you may have them is to use white bed sheaths and pillow cases when you make your beds. It will be much more difficult to see the bedbugs if you use dark or floral pattern sheaths and pill

ow cases. If you are being infested by bed bugs....look for little tiny dark brown bugs. Some of the babies are jelly-like(larva)in appearance and somewhat translucent....these you really have to carefully look closely for because they are extremely tiny and may slip by almost undetectable by the human eye. And of course THE PARAMOUNT PLACE where they seem to exist or begin their habitation is at the corners of the box spring. If there is a covering stapled to your box spring and hard plastic stapled to the corners of the box spring....remove it entirely so you may check the wood frame-work of your box spring. Be sure to check the corners of the box spring. Also check the creases and crevices of your mattress up and down both sides, top and bottom. If you fear that you may be infected...always turn upside down and practically inside out your mattress and box spring on a daily basis. Yes! Indeed a lot of work each morning! Bedbug sprays from the hardware store can help to some degree in reducing the infestation but will not resolve the problem.

The time bedbugs seem to come out or to appear is when your bedroom is dark, night time or if you have curtains and blinds drawn. If you feel itchy or feel that you have been bitten....immediately get up and turn lights way up and begin to carefully check your pillow cases and bed linens.

Trust me, don't be lazy and too sleepy if you feel or think you are being bitten... wake up and get busy. If you have a small baby or a very young child, he or she may not be able to relate to you what is happening. So it is up to the parent or guardian to be alert. Bedbug bites can cause eventual death to some individuals who have an allergic reaction to the bites. It can cause Anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shock is anaphylaxis associated with systemic vasodilation which results in low blood pressure. It is also associated with severe broncho-constriction to the point where the individual is unable to breathe. This can lead to death within a short time period and does require the victim to be brought to the emergency of the nearest hospital as quickly as possible. It can lead to cardiac arrest. I am speaking from such a personal horrific experience in this building.

A severe reaction will be detected almost immediately by a very noticeable swelling of the hands, neck, arms and mouth in conjunction with a severe flushing (redness) of the affected skin areas of the body that may have come in contact with the bed bugs. If mouth and tongue begin to swell you have a limited time approximately 10 minutes to get to the hospital emergency before going into Anaphylactic shock. Remember a small baby or child cannot speak for itself. Therefore it is necessary as an adult to be alert should any of these signs begin to occur.

Hopefully I have given you useful and life-saving information should you begin to have a negative reaction to bed bug bites.

see full report...

I've been living in this building for a few months now. Only problem we've had is roaches and we don't really see them often but that doesn't mean there aren't hundreds of them behind the cupboards and in the walls.

This brown paste was used in our cupboards and it was effective so we are thinking of other places to use it.

Found out they love bass coming from my subwoofer and speakers so we're going to have some of the brown paste around the speaker so they'll eat it, then go back to whe

re they came from, die, and the other roaches will eat their bodies, and then they'll die also.

I'm starting to get bites on my stomach and area but I'm thinking it's probably the flea's my dog picked up from someone elses dog in this building, or from outside somewhere. She didn't have flea's before we moved in.

Overall, this place is very good. Wonderful view, a lot of space, cheap considering other places in Toronto. Landlord tries everything she can to make sure our living is comfortable and whenever there is a problem, it's solved the same day.

see full report...

I have lived at this building for almost a year and have never seen a bed bug, mouse, or cockroach in or near my apartment. I have also talked to other residents who have never had any problems with pests either.
I do agree though that management needs to get a handle on this and start reacting to the complaints. I also feel that they should let others in the building know if an apartment near (above, below, beside, or across) to them has an infestation so that the tenants can take the proper m

easures to safe guard.
I have been to the office a few times over the issues and they seem to be acknowledging the problem. As for whether they are dealing well with the infested apartments, I couldn't tell you...

see full report...

Bring back DDT to solve the bedbug issue! Nothing else seems to work. The Heat Treatment is supposed to work but it didn't work in my apartment. It is supposed to work if the treatment was executed properly. Obviously it was not executed properly.

Today is August 30 2010.
Guess what? The so-called HEAT TREATMENT does NOT work! Spraying doesn't work either. So what actually works? Is there anyone who knows what really works?

Maybe if the entire building was to be sprayed and heat treatment executed for each apartment, then maybe we all would have conquered the problem.

What's your opinion? If you are a resident here, please speak your mind.

This is a prevalent problem now in the city of Toronto.......How are we going to solve t

his catastrophic problem?

There has to be a solution and government is going to have to get on this problem that is plaguing the city of Toronto.

The heat technique is called ThermaPureHeat’s technique. I am not convinced. The night after the heat treatment, I returned to my apartment to still be faced by the bedbugs awakening me about 2:00AM. Still have them.

TO READ MORE: Type in your Google Search "News reports on bedbugs in Toronto." It will be worth your while to read what is actually happening in our city.

Let's all get informed and aware! Refusing to discuss this problem won't resolve or make the problem go away.

see full report...

I live on the 15th floor we are moving out next month. It is spreading in building fast they seem to be coming from the walls or bathroom area thru pipe. Put carpet tape around your bed and legs of bed so you can catch or see then you send sample to board of health to confirm. We caught like 40 last night.

we have bed bugs in our apartment and we told the office more then 5 times and they never call pest control to our apt #2109 i'm getting really anoyed

i fogot to mention that there were alot of dogs and once pearson has abaout 4 dogs and there are really loud when they take them outside the management doesnt really care about this

hey its not just bed bugs its mouses and roaches.
its now starting to get annoying with the mouses crawling around our house its now digusting to live in triller theres only 3 elavator and 1 almost for 2 months and both the others are really dangerous to get in beacaus it moves the mangemant usally gets into groups and smokes outside inside of doing there jobs there increasing the rent but there not doing ANYTHING to our apartments if this promblems keeps going i am going to call the health in

spector and i am suggesting that they remove this mangeament because there only working on the lobby and not the apartments

see full report...

6 august 2010
When I went to my friend apartment they scratch their hands hardly. Its comes red skin, I ask them what happening; she told me three are bedbugs in their home. I ran away from their home, when I reach home I put all my cloth to washing. This management doesn’t care about these problems. In this building some apartment people have more than 3 dogs. Its dirt all staircase, elevators. No one clean this stuff. This building becoming nasty. Manager and staff are very nasty peo

ple. They didn't do any thing, after this management came, this building like a shelter. Not only bedbugs, rats, cock-roaches, flee a million.
I dont thing so management will care about this matter, THE LANDLORD SHOULD CARE ABOUT ALL THESE MATTER.

see full report...

Research bedbugs. Google search has abundant information on the subject. Write letters to the appropriate officials. Make phone calls to proper officials and BE CANDID WITH MANAGEMENT. Every paying tenant deserves the right to live in clean conditions. If we want to live with bedbugs we all can to go to the city shelters for the homeless. At least we won't have to pay $1,000.00 or more per month there. The solution is not in moving out because you may easily encounter this problem in any other s

mall housing unit all the way to a high rise building anywhere you may go. You may also bring bedbugs with you to another apartment or house.

see full report...


Yes! The BEDBUG problem is at present moment RAMPANT here in this building. Request the HEAT TREATMENT!

At the moment, management is using the heat treatment in conjunction to the spraying process on many apartments.

There are over 50 units out of 275 units in this building affected by this infestation. This bedbug problem is not only allocated to any particular floor, it is throughout the building. The building has 23 floors. So the problem is SPREADING and is get


DEMAND THE "HEAT TREATMENT" if you are presently a resident here.

All the rest, like powders and sprays, is bullshit.

Don't make your neighborhood hardware stores rich by their promise of bedbugs sprays being the solution. At $20.00 per can, it can become costly and DOES NOT remedy the situation.

see full report...

Well residents...Guess What? All this spraying, powders, etc. do not work effectively!

The bedbug problem throughout American and Canadian cities is presently epidemic.

Since pesticides have been banned in the sixties and seventies the bedbug has come back to plague people with vengeance. Like cockroaches, this bug has built up resistance to many recommended sprays that should kill them.

Building management representatives in some counties and cities are presently meeting with the Depar

tments of health and city officials to try to solve this epidemic.

The spraying process actually cost $90.00 for a visit to the unit. This spraying process is absolutely useless! The heat process actually cost the building management $1,000.00 to treat each unit.

This process requires removal of all flammable items, medications and anything that could melt once the temperature in the unit is elevated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This process has to be done for a duration of 24 hours and requires all living things and occupants to vacate for a 24 hour period.

Hopefully this process, the heat treatment, will solve the problem. With this process, all the previous preparations before spraying supposedly is not necessary to be executed before the heat process.

The building management really does not want to use this treatment because at $1,000.00 per unit, this process would be very costly since this building has 275 units. But HEY! That is on an average the cost of each apartment unit for one month. This is a small amount of money to lose in terms of the potential monthly income per unit per year. Just consider the phenomenal loss on part of some tenants...a hell of a lot more money lost by disposing of sofas, bedding, other furnishings, laundry, etc. not to mention the torture we endure by having to co-exist with such a pest...not to mention the health risks.

Apparently, according to experts, this is the only process that works. Consequently the whole building should be treated. Doesn't this building and others in the city of Toronto wish to keep their remaining loyal tenants? People do not want to live with this constant pest.

So therefore we as tenants SHOULD REQUIRE BY LAW the removal of such pests form our apartment buildings and units. See how fast we would be evicted if we didn't pay our rents! Our asses would be out on the street in no time. Then what about financial losses on part of each tenant who has discarded all kinds of furniture in hopes of ridding the problem? Oh NO! No compensation for us! Our losses are just as important if not MORE IMPORTANT than a $1,000.00 per unit for the building owners. I am sure most of us who have had this problem have lost far more than $1,000.00.

Now is time for REAL ACTION! Don't huddle in the corner whispering about the problem...Speak Up! Sure it is shameful to tell people we have bedbugs. However we have to get over the shame because the average tenant did not cause this problem and should not have to live with it.

If we as tenants do not become vocal, nothing will be done.

It should be our CIVIC RIGHT to have a nice clean apartment in which to live. The apartments are not for free!

So residents, get off your asses and do something! Talk about it, read about it, speak with city officials and the department of health.

In actuality, we as tenants should be meeting in groups with building managements in order to resolve this problem.

see full report...

July 26 2010

Before I moved into Triller I had some concerns regarding bedbugs, however was reassure by the rental agent that they were not an issue. This unfourtunatly was not the case. About a month prior to moving in I started to notice small insect bites on my hands. At first it would only be 1-2 but they were quite itchy and became uncomfortably swollen upon itching them. As weeks past the bites became worse and worse and I seem to have a very bad reaction to them. The worst part being t

he awkward places they seemed to bite, in between fingers and toes, bottoms of feet, hard to reach places on my back....The landloards have been very helpful in this matter ensuring that apartments were sprayed right away. I hope that the spraying will take care of the situation. It's not uncommon for apartments to have bedbugs and if delt with properly you can beat them.
My one complaint(besides having them to begin with) is the ammount of prepration you must do in order for your apartment to be sprayed with pesticide, which includes removal of all electrical fixture plates, taking down all pictures on the wall, and the washing of every artical of clothing you own to name a few. I'd be very upset if I had to go through that again.
We are very clean people and change our sheets often, id imagine this problem stems from the previouse renters or our neighbours as we have never had this problem before.

Again let me say this is no fault of the managment who are all new, from landloards to property owners. this is a long standing problem from what i've heard and they are doing their best to fix it.(they live here too!)
However that being said I would not reccomend this building at this time. There seems to be alot of problems going on that despite managments best efforts arent being fixed fast enough.

see full report...

So about a month ago, I see bugs crawling on my pillow when I am in my bed sleeping. I kill them and go back to sleep. The next day, same thing. I turn on the light, look under the lining of my box-spring mattress, and there are hundreds of them under the lining. I vacuum them all up in the middle of the night. Since then, I haven't been able to get rid of the bugs. I learn that the problem is all over the place.

The owners of this property are hopeless. Elevators don't work and long

cues form; sometimes it's better just to walk up 22 floors. The hallways are renovated again and again, each job poorer than the last; it takes months and months for work orders to get done, if they get done at all. Months and months of banging, jackhammers, from early morning until later evening. Flooding during heavy storms; fire-trucks; police cars are here almost everyday. My windows blew during heavy winds and my furniture was damaged. Cheap windows replaced them - that night, they blew again! That's the story of living in this place.

But, back to bedbugs. They will wreck your bed - you'll see bloodspots everywhere. If they crawl into your furniture, best to throw that out too to avoid taking them when you move. Thousands and thousands of dollars down the drain. Or you can stay, and try to get the foul-smelling bugs under control. But you'll need to do that, because management and the property owners are inefficient, inconsistent, and unreliable.

I stay because I love the lake-view (best view in the city!), recreation trails and, in general, the fabulous area. The apartments are large and the rent is reasonable; but I never expected this monumental level of incompetence from the property owners - first Realstar, now Q Residential.

Think long and hard if you want to move in here The building might be destroyed before you get the chance if nothing is done.

see full report...

I just learned that my neighbors below me and across the hall from me have bed bugs. I looked around and found shells of the bugs. I went down to report it to the office to find out they already knew about the other two units surrounding me. Do you think they might have wanted to warn me? Do you think they may have wanted to do some sort of preventative measure to ensure that a loyal rent paying tennant might want to stay? NO no no. I am so fed up with this building and the owners. We are

just numbers to them. The more the tennants are informed the better off we are. I do know that from my own experience, I have called the city by-law officer to come and inspect my unit. Each time they come, the building has to pay $90 I think. Plus .. the make an order to the building and the building has to fix what ever is wrong within 30 days. For everyone that lives here .. please be pro active in the bed bug and repairs to your unit. They will soon learn that we are not just numbers but people who deserve a nice home to live in!

see full report...

Yes, this BEDBUG situation is still a problem in this building! Today is June 15, 2010. I have not been evicted because I am a good tenant who gives no cause for eviction. I pay my rent on time every month since I have lived here for nearly 8 years.

Due to circumstances, I cannot move out at this time. Every week I still look from my balcony to see beneath my balcony, which overlooks the garbage dumpsters, many discarded sofas, armchairs and other furnishings. Think for a second! How many peo

ple moving out are actually discarding their furniture for no good reason? So the statement made by possibly an employee to the effect that such derogatory statements against this building are made by disgruntled previous tenants who were evicted is erroneous.

Too bad more people in this building are not aware of Bedbug Reports on Toronto City apartment buildings.

see full report...

June 11, 2010
I am writing regarding the last posting on this site dd. June 9, 2010.
If anybody happened to want to verify this information they can feel free to do so immediately. THIS WHOLE BUILDING IS INFESTED WITH BEDBUGS.
The landlord is very secretive about it, recently announced that they are planning preventative action to limit the spread of infestation (without even mentioning that they meant bedbugs)! This action was supposed to include the use of chemical treatment, no instructio

ns were given regarding vacuuming, washing and drying linen and other items etc. I.e. the bottom line is that the landlord doesn't really want to treat this issue seriously and follow the Toronto Public Health guidelines.
Also - if you think that you don't have bedbugs because you don't have bites on your body you are wrong. I am the only one of 3 people in my household getting bites. If you are not allergic to bedbugs (and more than 50% of people aren't) you will never get any visible and detectable reaction to their bites! However, bedbugs are in the building and if they are in my apartment they surely are in your apartment as well.

see full report...

I have lived in this building for over a year and know two other people who live in this building. I see the occasional cockroach and have never seen a bedbug. The problem with this site is that people post here and there is no way to verify if the are being truthful. A lot of people give a bad report on this site after being evicted and use this site to get back at building owners. Read all the reports, but it is up to you to decide what to believe and what not too. This is a good building. Not

perfect but better than most. I have plans to be here for a while.

see full report...


I rent a large two bedroom apartment with my roomate and a friend who resides here as well. All three residents are very clean and conscientious people who do not travel or have heavy traffic of visitors or people who stay overnight. I began to rent in this building as of January 2002 and am still a resident up to now (Mar 23 2010)unfortunately. Circumstances do not permit me to move out at the moment as you will see as

you read onwards.

About one or two months after moving in here, once the odor of freshly painted walls and freshly varnished floors had abated we were greeted by an abundance of cockroaches in the kitchen and living room. This problem was reported. It was professionally sprayed (fogging is the technical term for this form of spraying)by a pest control company on several occasions but to no avail did it stop not until the company applied a terrible brown paste along the cupboard crevasses up over the sink and underneath the sink. In addition a powder was placed underneath the refrigerator and stove. For awhile it seemed to have slowed down the problem only to have the problem repeat itself over and over on several more occasions. I had to refuse fogging because all it did was burn my eyes and throat for several weeks afterwards. Finally the cockroach problem abated for about two years now in our apartment. Prior to that, we kept the manufactures of bleach in business. It was very time consuming to wash all utensils, dishes, glassware, pots and pans prior to eating or drinking each time such items were taken out of the cupboards to be used.

As anyone who is aware of various communicable diseases, cockroaches have the capacity of transferring over twenty very serious diseases/illnesses. Check these links:(1) http://www.extertronic.com/gb/eradicate-cockroaches-problems.htm., (2) http://scienceray.com/biology/zoology/cockroaches-and-houseflies-known-facts-and-the-diseases-they-transmit-to-humans/.

Then there were mice constantly gnawing underneath the kitchen cupboards.
One day by accident the knife and fork drawers fell apart. Management were replacing them one day and to my chagrin there was a horrific mess of dead cockroaches and dead mice underneath the foot kick of the bottom cupboards which I demanded to be removed. It was definitely a health hazard which I had to clean myself. I was wandering what the nasty odor was that I would smell periodically when I went into my kitchen.

Cleaning the kitchen ran several hundred dollars once I began. Of course this was a cost incurred by us, not the building, not to mention my time.

About a year after moving in we had absolutely no heat during the two consecutive winter seasons which were extremely cold registering into the minus twenties on a daily and nightly basis for several weeks at a time. Management awkwardly and lazily tried to fix the problem to no avail until I wrote threatening letters to report the building to the department of health and to the city. Pleasant conversation with office management did not really work. Being very pleasant and diplomatic does not always work - at least not in this building.

Shortly within a few years after moving in, office management changed. We were greeted by a very rude male manager (superintendent) accompanied by his very pleasant wife and in order to really get action I had to go to his higher management to start getting action on our heating problem and kitchen problem.

Previously when we moved in we were also plagued by pigeon feces all over the balcony piled a foot high on a twenty-five foot long balcony which we had to clean at our own cost and time. Office management refused to clean up this hateful mess. We spent about $1,000.00 for special fencing and screens to keep out the pigeons.

Then, as of August of 2009, all tenants were plagued by major building repairs which entailed banging and drilling for months on end. Unreal vibrations for hours on end! What a great way to awake each morning to a noise which rendered one almost incapable of thinking or hearing a person speak who was sitting next to you at the breakfast table!


These bugs seemed to have first appeared in the living room area near the 20' wide window overlooking the balcony. According to the exterminator, bedbugs were a result of pigeon feces on balconies near the balcony windows.

Our house guest complained of being bitten early July month of 2009, so I said to him did you check for bedbugs only because I was hearing of stories of such infestation in other Parkdale high-rise buildings. He checked and could not find anything. Why did he not know is because he was not really familiar with this insect either.

Because it was late Summer going into early Autumn, we all assumed it was mosquitoes that had entered the apartment because the balcony door was open night and day on many occasions. Consequently we overlooked it because neither one residing in this apartment had been familiar with bedbugs. At this point in time we did not know what they looked like.

About two weeks later, Aug 20 2009, I was suddenly awoken shortly after going to bed about 1:00 AM having a total allergic reaction to those bugs. Not knowing at the time or being aware that we had an infestation, I assumed I was having a reaction to a chocolate wafer that I had eaten shortly before going to bed. I awoke having a horrific allergic reaction. My whole upper torso was breaking out in big white hives and red spots all over. Itchy as hell! My hands began swelling up to the point where I could not touch or bend my fingers, my body became pink and blotchy all over. I looked in the bathroom mirror only to discover that my face was getting very flushed. The redness was spreading all over my face and body in spots and patches. Within several more minutes my lips began to swell and feel as if someone had punched me in the face. I looked in a tall mirror to discover my entire body was getting red or flushed. Something was seriously wrong. I awoke my room-mate to check out things. I was obviously having a severe reaction to the point where I had been taken to the emergency of St. Joseph's Hospital still not knowing the cause other than thinking that I was probably having a reaction to the chocolate wafer I had eaten before going to bed.

Once I had arrived at the emergency of St. Joseph's Hospital, I was immediately taken in as a priority. The doctors and nurses said if I had not arrived when I did, I could have gone into Anaphylactic shock (link: http://www.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=10092).

They hooked me up intravenously to antihistamines for about two and a half hours. Afterwards prescribed an EpiPen (http://www.google.ca/search?q=EpiPen&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a) which I must carry with me on all occasions should I encounter such reaction in the future. By the way I had to pay about $120.00 for this because OHIP (Ontario medical card)does not cover this expense for people who are under sixty-five years of age unless he or she on on social benefits or or other forms of disability payments.

In addition the doctor told me to take on a daily basis Benadryl which I have been taking since August 23 2009 to prevent such an allergic reaction. It is now March 23 2010 which is seven months later. I went to my family doctor who did not think that these blotches and rashes were bed bug related. He recommended me to a specialist
(allergist or an immunologist). I explained to her what I thought could have caused this reaction. She told me it was not bedbugs and that it could have been the chocolate wafer. She could not carry out the allergy test because the Benadryl would nullify the results. She told me I would have to continue the Benadryl (anti-histamine)daily until the rash went away which could take up to six months. Those run me about $20.00 weekly since seven months. This is well over $500.00.


Once we had discovered the apartment had this problem on the night of my arrival back in August from emergency at St Joseph's Hospital, our house guest said that he went on-line and did some research. Afterwards he checked the apartment and found a living example of this PEST. Sure enough, the next morning I went with this sample to the office in my building only to have it confirmed that we had bedbugs. Immediately we had to prepare for spraying by hiring out some friends besides ourselves to move all of our furniture to the center of each room. All drapery, all personal clothing and laundry had to be cleaned and sealed in large garbage bags. That laundry had to be done at a major laundromat. That took days of laborious work carting that back and forth. It interrupted us from work as well which is also a loss of money. That ran us into several hundred dollars - not to mention throwing out a $2,500.00 sofa, three armchairs that cost over $500.00 each, expensive hand hooked rugs to the tune of $1,000.00, other carpets that costs another couple thousand dollars, two double box springs and mattresses that costs another $1,500.00 plus about another $500.00 worth of pillows.

Hiring out friends to move furniture in the apartment, cart sofa, armchairs and carpets to the garbage and pack up things costs another thousand dollars or more.

The phenomenal amount of problems with this building over the years, financial losses associated with this bed bug problem and other building problems, stress caused by this and all the hard work associated with this, the massive noise disturbance of major building repairs all Summer long eventually led to my partner having had a major stroke (ventricular hemorrhage)at the end of November 2009. Eventually, as a result of his stroke, I go to Rehab therapy (stroke therapy)(550 University Avenue) with him two days a week for five to six hours a day and other family doctor and neurology appointments which means I am also losing money because I have to hire out people to work in our business or leave our business closed. Consequently we are continuously losing money. Is it not tough enough to have to contend with the economy right now? Should us tenants and other tenants of other buildings in the city of Toronto have to sit back and listen to bullshit of building owners and the department of health saying that bedbugs have no related health issues. I am certain now my allergic reaction is to bedbugs, not chocolate. I have eaten much chocolate all my life and have never had an allergic reaction. I have also have allergy tests executed in the past and have tested negative.

By the way I have learned that in the same week as I was rushed to emergency, six other people were brought into emergency from this same building, 55 Triller Avenue, displaying the same allergic reaction as I had - to BEDBUGS. There are nurses who work at St Joseph's Hospital who live in this building and have spread the word around about residents from this building who have gone to the emergency in the same week with a reaction the same as I have had. Therefore, how can one say that bedbugs are harmless or not a health issue or hazard? I would firmly contend that they are hazardous to one's health and could cause death.

After all this financial loss and meticulous house and laundry cleaning, the bedbug problem has returned.

Of course as with some of the other tenants of this building, the office management hid this building problem of bed bugs and tried to put the blame on us and refused to answer the question of how many residents had this problem. HUSH! HUSH! was the mood. The response was "we will get on top of this problem for YOU." They made it look like we were the only apartment with this problem. Bullshit! Shortly thereafter I began to hear whispers of other residents with the bedbug problem. Overlook my balcony at the back of the building, there were tons of armchairs, sofas and mattresses in the garbage containers below. People do not normally move and throw away all their belongings.

What about being honest with the tenants and spray all the building. The problem is worse than cockroaches. Spraying one apartment at a time sporadically will not rid the problem. One time the building would spray individual apartments. What did that do? It only made the cockroaches spread to other apartments until someone got the brilliant idea "maybe if we sprayed the whole building, then maybe we would get rid of the cockroaches". Wow what insight! As for bedbugs, the whole building should be sprayed, not individual units. Oh but that will cost MONEY! So let's just spray single apartments and pretend that it it the individual tenant who has brought the bedbugs into the building.

This is a serious problem here and should be solved or resolved. When it comes to raising rents as far as they can, it doesn't take a lot of time.

I also believe all tenants should be financially compensated for financial losses incurred as a result of having to throw away all kinds of bedding, sofas, chairs, etc.due to having bedbugs.

Why aren't apartment buildings who have this problem held responsible for compensation to the residents who have these kinds of financial losses?

I do know for a fact that people who are on ODSP benefits who report such a problem with their apartment are issued large cheques to replace their losses of having to throw belongings into the garbage. Now if this is not a HEALTH ISSUE, why would the government issue cheques. Thinking along these lines, do you not seriously think that apartment building owners should be held responsible for some form of financial compensation. We all work damn hard for our money and belongings. Do we work hard to have those belongings disposed off with no recourse? Then what about our health and well being? Who is beating around the bush? As far as I am concerned the Department of Health, our government and landlords should come up to the plate and state the reality of the bedbug problem plaguing our city apartment buildings and be held responsible to its citizens.

Believe me I was impressed with some of the comments regarding this problem.

I am definitely pissed off with the response of this building. Hide underneath the covers and blame each tenant. Please! Get real! Come up to the plate and SHOW RESPONSIBILITY to the tenants. Financial Responsibility would be a decent start. I honestly feel that it would not take very long to kick out a tenant if he or she began to go behind on rent. Then you would see action real fast.

I ask those of you who have been affected by this and other problems in this building to comment. We are only strong in groups and we deserve to be heard. Let's face it, the rent in this building is not exactly a give-away price!

see full report...

Jan 2010

I've just had the BB experience at 55 Triller and if you don't freak out it's a survivable ordeal if you treat it properly.
I was mortified to find out I had them but here's what happened and what I learned.

Noticed the small blackfly-ish bites starting and did an inspection based on some tips I found online.
They were in the wooden slats of my bed.
Not the easiest things to find but using a flashlight after it's been dark for few hours will often reveal them.
The little basta

rds can come from ANYWHERE.
I notified management and they immediately booked an exterminator.
I did the prep work as instructed and gave the place a good clean. .
2 weeks later a second treatment was booked repeating all the steps.
So far I've had no problems with any returning BB's
It sounds like a lot of work but really it's just a thorough spring cleaning.

Myths and facts I learned.

Cold does not kill them.
Leaving clothing or bedding outside in -45c does nothing.
Heat from proper machine drying or steaming is the only thing that really keeps them away.
Change your bedding every few days if you don't already.

I would replace any soft wood bed slats and give your mattress a steam clean. I had an old bed and just replaced the whole frame.
They love porous cardboard, soft wood and folds/creases of the mattress.

Any apt building or hotel is prone to BB simply because of the density of people and common traffic within the building so if all keep our places clean and the building does it's part to clean up the common areas we can keep Triller a cool place to live.

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We started to experience strange sores without having a clue what caused them last fall (2009), my wife seemed to be especially affected, while I had only a mild reaction to the bites. When we finally figured out what they were, and learned to spot the bugs, we tried a number of methods to get rid of them, including spending at least $100 on plastic encasements for mattress, etc., and repeatedly washing, and drying all bedding. None of these methods were effective - though they probably kept th

e infestation from getting worse. The only effective method was talcum powder sprinked liberally around the edges of mattresses, bedframes etc. Thanks to continuous use of talcum (which apparently breaks down the insects' exo-skeleton, but has no ill-effects on humans), we have now been free of them since December.

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Can you disclose the floor you're on? Or at least the type of reaction you are getting with the super?

I've been living here for just about a year and just started to notice being bitten.
I keep a tidy and clean apt but that is not enough to discourage them.

I lived in this building from September 2006 to October 2007. I started noticing bites on my body in July of 2007 and I told the building super who blamed me for bringing them into the building. My unit was treated once and I had to beg for it to be treated a second time. They advised that normally I would have to pay for that kind of treatment and they were doing me a favour. I was actually in that building when they had the fire, I went for two weeks without any electricity. It was brutal

, so happy to have moved out.

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Nov 11 2009

Can someone confirm if this is still a problem? I've just moved in. I'm terrified of bedbugs... please let me know.

Unit 1007
Bedbugs. We have them now. They bit myself, my child, and my wife. We are all shocked! Never heard of them. Many bedbugs on the mattress. And they seem to grow in numbers. Tomorrow we speak to our "superman" and demand action from him. Exterminating bedbugs won't help at 55 Triller, because we believe that other units are infested with them. People don't seem to complain, as if nothing is going on. Strange. Terrible. Shameful. Avoid this place.

We lived on the eleventh floor as of spring 2008, and everything had been fine for over a year...then suddenly, LOTS of bedbugs. Other units on the same floor complained of the problem, but the superintendants did nothing to notify other people on the floor of the potential spreading.

The supers also accused us of causing the outbreak, simply because we were the first to report it. They also failed to give us adequate notice several times about the pest control guy coming in. They were,

however, extremely helpful in giving us assistance to move out of the building...so that they could prepare the apartment for the next renter, who was moving in immediately, certainly unaware of the problem.

This is a big building that had a raft of problems, including roaches, fires, and believe it or not, flooding from pipes broken by the supers themselves. The elevators have frequently trapped people. Wow, what more can I say, but stay away from this building?

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