24 Callender St
Toronto, ON M6R

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I currently reside at this address, do not rent from here.
And for a public anouncement, DO NOT rent any residence from one Munich Chandra and be aware that he has two so called property managers who are father and son that go by the name ray/father and robert/son.
The city and health unit are involved now at my location by my doing but they allegidly own almost a dozen buildings.
For anyone who needs pictures and/or more details I will be happy to provide.
***and to administrator of this si

te, please do contact me, for it is not only a matter of these residences bieng infested but the maliscious and illegal acts that they will committ to conceal it
while repeatedly rent out the spaces.
I will be getting them into l&t court, but will be also filing a private complaint to have criminal charges laid by way of pre-enkette on the grounds of their actions.

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